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  rythm check out the rythm page for songs details and images from the movie.. 15.08.2000

  news thennali added on our news section. 15.08.2000


  analog inputs at our analog inputs section, we are now introducing shankar mahadevan. Checkt out images from his latest concert at bluegarden at Trondheim in Norway. Images only at a r rahman netservice. 11.08.2000

  interview with director shankar. 11.08.2000

  interview a r rahman speaks about taal. 11.08.2000

  interview New York, June 5 -- Being roped in by international playwright Andrew Lloyd Webber and director Shekhar Kapur to compose the music for the former's next stage spectacular, "Bombay Dreams," Allah Rakha Rahman, or A.R. Rahman, is today on the brink of being discovered by a Western audience.


--B E F O R E  11 .  08  .  2 0 0 0  ---

  album Padmashri winner and music director A R Rahman has bagged his 12th Filmfare award. This is his eight in a row. 20-04-2000

  album mudhalvan 100 days celebration images added. 14-04-2000

  interview Padma Shri A R Rahman on his musical inspiration and influences. 14-04-2000

  album kandukondein kandukondein audio release function. At a gala function held at Devi  Cinema on Wednesday morning 15.03.2000. 14-04-2000

  article Allah Rakha Rahman is today's hottest musician both at home and abroad. 14-04-2000

  interview Rahman will bring a different flavour to a musical production in the West.  14-04-2000

  interview I always live with a song. A man of few words, A R Rahman has always preferred his music to do the talking. And how! 14-04-2000

  interview  Three men and Bombay Dreams. It's not every day that legends like Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber drop in to say 'hello' to Indian mediapersons 14-04-2000

  interview We ought to think bigger. 14-04-2000

  interview "If people want me, and they want my kind of music, they pay for it" 14-04-2000

  alaiptyuthey : Producer - Director Maniratnam has come full circle with his new film 'Alai Payudhe', slated for an April release. 14-04-2000

  interview : Making music with A R Rahman - "I am excited about working with Weber". 11-03-2000

  udaya Shastri House' was the venue for the shooting of a scene for the film 'UDAYA'. 14-04-2000

  rythm The venue was the beautiful beach at the Marine Drive, Bombay. The artistes present were Arjun and Meena. 14-04-2000

  interviews Rahman will compose music for Sir Webber’s new musical based on Bollywood. 14-04-2000

  album section updated with a r rahmans latest with andrew llyod webber. 14-04-2000

  album news images added. 11-03-2000


--B E F O R E  14  .  04  .  2 0 0 0  ---


  a r rahmans bombay dreams some news sorced by rotn added 11-03-2000

  album news images added. 11-03-2000

  jana gana mana some new images added. 11-03-2000

  shankar -s filmslbum a news page added with shankar images. 11-03-2000

  interview a interview by Zee Premiere added.  11-03-2000

  shankar images a news page added with shankar images. 11-03-2000

  udaya two images from the movie opening added. 11-03-2000


--B E F O R E  03  .  03  .  2 0 0 0  ---

  kandukonden kandukonden some news pics added 20.02.2000

  alipauthey song list added. 20.02.2000


--B E F O R E  1 9  .  0 2  .  2 0 0 0  ---

  album some new images of a r rahman added. 03.02.2000

  analog inputs a new section added. In this section you will find about people a r rahman uses in his work. Look out for future updates. 03.02.2000

  sivamani a mini-web site for sivamani. 03.02.2000


--B E F O R E  0 1  .  0 2  .  2 0 0 0  ---

  puyal aditha desam a non film album by a r rahman. 06.01.2000

  udaya images added. 01.01.2000

  alay payude images added. 01.01.2000

  kandukonden kandukonden images addded. 01.01.2000

  kadhalar dhinam background tracks added for download. 14 tracks. 01.01.2000

  sangamam background tracks added or download. 16 tracks. 01.01.2000

  uzhavan background tracks added for download. 19 tracks.


--B E F O R E    Y 2 K--

  mudhalvan  - background music added. 11 tracks. 29.11.1999

  padayappa 200  - images added from padayappa 200 days. 27.11.1999

  articles  - some articles added. 27.11.1999

  panchathan record inn  - images added for people without flash 07.11.1999

  news  - some news added 07.11.1999

  kandukonden kandukonden - pics added 31.10.1999

  mudhalvan  - pics added 31.10.1999

  panchathan record inn - a new page added with details about a r rahman`s equipment and used sample cd. 31.10.1999

  takshak  - 4 tracks added for download. 31.10.1999

  interviews - a lot of interviews added 31..10.1999

  panchathan record inn  - studio pictures added 31.10.1999

  takshak - updated with songs detail 01.10.1999

  jodi - pics added 23.09.1999

  takshak  - page added 23.09.1999

  takshak  - music bit from a r rahman`s next release, download it today. 17.09.1999  

  theme music  - made for august 15, download it today 20-08-1999

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