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  sangamam review  - 21-07-1999

  kadhalar dhinam  - detailed review of KD 19-07-1999

  copycat - a new section added 14-07-1999

  kadalar dhinam review 14-07-1999

  bits updated 08-07-1999.

  album more pics from dilse concert at dubai 1998 added. 08-07-1999

  muthalvan images added. 08-07-1999

  sangamam teaser pictures added. 08-07-1999

  interview another interview with a r rahman added. 08-07-1999

  album taal audio release - india - juni 1999 added. 

  album pics from dilse concert at dubai 1998 added.

  album pics from msv concert in singapore added.

  album pics from a r rahmans first concert in MY added.

  interview interesting parts from the interview with a r rahman added.

  Taal is been released today. 12-06-1999.

  taal story - review by narendra kusnur.

  michael jackson & a r rahman - A Benefit for the Children of the World.

  taal review

  kadalar dhinam pics updated.

  taal review

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