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  Until now 3 lakh audiotapes of rythm have been sold. dated:15.08.2000

  concert in New York Nassau Veteran Memorial Coliseum Long Island, New York SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2000; 8:00 P.M.

  Fiza has on song, "haji ali", composed by a r rahman song by Kadar Ghulam, Mustafa, Murtaza, Ghulam Mustafa, a r rahman, Srinivas.

  Rahman recieved the International Indian Film Award for the best music director at the Millenennium Dome, London on June 24, 2000. This award was for the movie taal.

  padmashri a r rahman reciving padmashri from President K R Narayanan at the Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi on thursday, march 30, 2000

  a r rahman went to london 17.04.2000. This news is from mr Yusuf at  a r rahmans office. Check out later for more updates on this.

  pukar released desember 1th

  takshak released august 30th

  audio release go to  the latest releases

  joining krishnamorthy ashwin joins with

  MTV awards 09.09.99 a r rahman for the dilse....

  sangamam movie have been released on 16.07.1999

  all 6 tracks in kandukonden kandukonden has been composed and the recording and mixing of audio is complete. Pyramid releasing soon

  rhythm songs are finished, totally 5 songs, each song about each element. Pyramid.

  the movie taj maghal is finished and the music is also complete, conatining 10 songs and 3 instrumental.

  kandukonden kandukonden audio rights has been sold for Rs 2.20 crores since the audio people feel that a r rahman will give his best to rajiv menon.

  Jodi audio has now resulted in Rahman agreeing to give two more songs for the film. Another 'Jodi' cassette with the additional songs is availble.

  Kadalar Dhinam releasing will be released 07.07.1999 in Toronto at the theaters.  

  sangamam story line is same as the old tamil film "thillana moganambal" starring sivaji and pathmini.

  In india taal has sold over 2.5 million cassettes in 10 day!

  suresh krishna,director of sangamam, has told to do a new song for the flm.  a r rahman has also finished it. The shooting is going on now.

  Kadalar Dhinam releasing worldwide on friday,09.07.1999

  Rajeev Menon, has booked rahman for his next movie - Theekul Kaiyai Vaithai - starring prabhu deva , aishwarya rai.

  a r rahman are going to do an english album.

  taj maghal, will be a pongal release

  mudhalvan, a dewali release

  mudhal mudhalaga is been dropped


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