There are twentysix episodes in the series. Resumés of each episode will come in time, but if you would like to have a go at some of the episodes that don't have resumés I would be more than happy to put them up.

1. Vengeance of the Gods
2. The Lost Planet
3. The Black Sphere
4. Guardian of the Cosmic Winds
5. The Eternal Punishment
6. Flowers of Fear
7. Mutiny on Board
8. Secret of the Sphinx
9. Cronus, Father of Time
10. Temple of the Lestrigones
11. The Seat of Forgetfulness
12. Trapped Between Fire and Ice
13. Phantoms from the Swamp
14. Song of Danger
15. Before the Flood
16. The Magic Spells of Circe
17. Lost in the Labyrinth
18. At the Heart of the Universe
19. The Hidden Truth
20. The Magician in Black
21. Rebellion on Lemnos
22. The City of Cortex
23. Calypso
24. Strange Meeting
25. The Lotus Eaters
26. The Kingdom of Hades

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