A lot of 'Ulysses 31' merchandise was made in the eighties and early nineties. I'm trying to give a clear picture of what exist and where you can get hold of it. This section of the site has grown very much since I started up, so I've now divided the contents into subsections.

Figures and Spaceships

Books and Comics

Videos and Records

Puzzles, masks and ViewMaster reels were also made. The ViewMaster reels contained pictures from the second episode called 'The Lost Planet' and exists in a french (D198) and a english (D198-E) version.

If you have any information or comments about any of the collectibles, please e-mail me.

Some of these collectibles can be bought at the following sites:

Lulu Berlu Store , collectibles store located in Paris.
iBazar , French auction site with loads of collectibles.
eBay UK , a British version of the American auction site.

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