The amount of 'Ulysses 31' sites on the Internet has been growing steadily ever since this site came up in 1998. Here you can find links to some of the best ones. The links are divided into three sections after language. There is also a section with links to other animated shows.


The Ulysses 31 Internet Resource Center
This is a site with a amazing section called 'The Featured Episode'. Here each episode of the series is presented one by one with pictures from every scene. Incredible!

Justin's Ulysses 31 Page
This site is unique in offering 'Ulysses 31' skins for Sims.

DIC Entertainment
The company that made 'Ulysses 31' and many other great animated shows have finally bought themselves back from Disney and are soon up and running.

The Ulysses 31 Mailinglist
This mailinglist goes back and forth between virtual silence and insane activity. If you are a fan of the series you just have to subscribe.

An amazing site with loads of rare pictures and a great mpeg collection.

Putschkar's Ulysse 31 Page
A really nice site with much information about the French video and DVD releases.
This site has a marvellous new Flash intro sequence.

Dadsetan's Ulysse 31 Page
A very good source of information in French.

Noostalgie's Ulysse 31
Nice site with quite a few pictures.


Odysseus 31 Bilderseite
A complete series episode guide with loads of pictures.
This site have good and varied information about the series and is a good place to start if you're trying to rediscover one of the heroes of your childhood.

Odysseus 31
A good site with much information.

Other animated shows from the 80s:

The Mysterious Cities of Gold
This brilliant series was made by the same people who gave us 'Ulysses 31'.

TheTransformers.Net - Robots in Disguise
A series that needs no introduction. What you might not know is that when the original show was discontinued in the US they started making their own episodes in Japan.

The Lost Archives of Arkadia
This site is dedicated to a very good French series called 'Les Mondes Engloutis', or in English 'Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea'.

The He-Man and She-Ra Episode Review Website
The former is probably the most famous of these two shows, but if you like He-Man you will most likely also like She-Ra.

Holy Jumpin' Space Rats!
A good guide to 'Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors'. Jayce has to find his father in order to destroy the evil Monster Minds.

SFXB - Star Fleet (X Bomber)
A great Japanese puppet show where the heroes operate a giant transforming spaceship/robot.

The Galaxy High Website!
Tells you what you need to know about 'Galaxy High School'.

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