Here is a collection of pictures captured by Sean Eaton as a part of his 'Featured Episode' project at The Ulysses 31 Internet Resource Center. Because of the projects large size, he can only hold one episode at a time. Some of the pictures from removed episodes will be available here. If you want to see more pictures you should visit Sean's site.

The Spaceships:

odyssey1.jpg [25.9 kB] An external view of the Odyssey's greenhouse area.

odyssey2.jpg [19.9 kB] A picture where you see the hole ship.

odyssey3.jpg [25.4 kB] One of the main engines firing.

odyssey4.jpg [24.1 kB] A rear-view of the Odyssey's top section.

shuttle1.jpg [23.8 kB] The shuttlecraft leaving the Odyssey's landingbay.

shuttle2.jpg [22.5 kB] A picture of the shuttle landed on the surface of Zotra's holidayplanet.


ulysses1.jpg [23.5 kB] Ulysses and the rest of the crew flying the shuttle.

ulysses2.jpg [23.7 kB] A picture of Ulysses fighting a dragon with his lasersword.

ulysses3.jpg [21.3 kB] Ulysses talking to Yumi.


tele1.jpg [25.4 kB] A picture of Telemachus using the virtual-reality computer.

tele2.jpg [18.0 kB] Telemachus looking at the VR-screen while Yumi is playing.

tele3.jpg [24.1 kB] A picture of Telemachus using his laser-slingshot.


yumi1.jpg [23.2 kB] Yumi talking to Telemachus.

yumi2.jpg [22.8 kB] A picture of Yumi and Telemachus.


nono1.jpg [23.0 kB] A picture of Nono and his ride.

nono2.jpg [21.8 kB] Nono realises that he can't swim.

nono3.jpg [7.56 kB] Sharmed beyond capacity.

The ships' computer, Sherka:

sherka1.jpg [22.1 kB] A picture of Sherka's main interface.

sherka2.jpg [25.7 kB] The Odyssey's bridge from Sherka's view.


numinor1.jpg [20.3 kB] Yumi hugging her lifeless brother.

numinor2.jpg [20.4 kB] Numinor waking up from his long sleep.

People they meet:

heratina.jpg [7.25 kB] Heratos and Atina.

sleep.jpg [8.02 kB] Atina as a young child.

Alien ships and strange exotic worlds:

world1.jpg [18.4 kB] The surface of Zotra's lost holidayplanet.

wreck.jpg [5.48 kB] Heratos ship on a planet surface.

lab.jpg [6.41 kB] Heratos' laboratory.

zotrianship.jpg [7.43 kB] Inside Atina's Zotrian ship.

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