Episode 11 : 'The Seat of Forgetfulness'

The Odyssey moves forward through the silent Universe of the Olympus. Telemachus is waiting while No-No repairs his racing car for a race. His eyes rises towards the transparent panel of the spaceship and watches how an enormous artificial satellite surpasses the Odyssey.

Shirka informs Ulysses that the satellite is operated by remote control and that she doesn't detect any forms of life. Ulysses realises that it's a transport of Trident Ships returning to the base of the Gods. They take a chance and start to follow it, hoping to find a way out of the Universe of the Olympus and back to Earth, saving their companions from the curse.

Entering a field of energy they're transported into another dimension. Thousands of Greek columns set the limits of a giant stairway.

'The stairways of Olympus!', shouts Ulysses.

Ulysses, Yumi and Nono have to leave the Odyssey in the exploration ship due to the obstacles in the way. When they land and come out to the exterior of the small ship, they hear the voice of the gods warning Ulysses that he is profaning the temple. But Ulysses continues, anxious to free his companions from the curse.

After dodging some traps, the gods warn Ulysses, again, of his great error and show him the fate of those who previously have tried to challenge the Gods. They are slaves for the rest of Eternity. Ulysses insist on continuing and the army of the gods surrounds him and the children. Hundreds of soldiers throw themselves upon them. Ulysses draws his laser sword and fights bravely, while Telemachus, Yumi and No-No find their way out to a door and prepare a trap to help Ulysses. It works, and after getting rid of the soldiers they open the door. And a non-visible power pulls them out and scatters them.

Ulysses falls down unconscious and wakes up in a deserted room. The Gods show him two seats, the one on the right will guide him back to Earth, but the one on the left will send him back to the children and No-No. He must choose one. Ulysses doesn't hesitate in sitting on the left-hand side seat, to save the children walking by an endless ring.

The Gods laugh and inform him of his mistake. He has sat on the seat of forgetfulness and thus shall forget everything, the Earth, the children, his companions...

Ulysses resists but the Parcae, goddesses who weave men's threads of destiny, take possession of him little by little. But the vision of the threads of destiny that reach the planet Earth, his planet, give him strength to hold himself to them. While he struggles for not loosing them, he finds the children, and in shaking hands with Telemachus, everything vanishes.

They all wake up and see a familiar landscape, the Earth! Thinks Ulysses, but it's not, they are in the Odyssey garden.

'Was it a dream?', asks Telemachus.

And then they can see through the screen, how the threads of destiny move away into space.

'No, it wasn't a dream', answers Ulysses.

The Odysseus goes on its eternal route while the analysis of Shirka resounds in their ears. We continue lost in the universe of the Olympus, lost, lost, lost.

Written by Thaima de la Noval and David 'Garada' Martin
Translated by Rolando Campims

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