Episode 6 : 'Flowers of Fear'

The Odyssey approaches a strange-looking world that, as reported by Sherka, is almost completely made up of buildings with hospital equipment. So, the computer describes this world as a 'hospital planet'. Ulysses is given the hope that there may be the necessary machines available in order to revive his crew from the Gods' curse. He, and Telemachus head onto the surface to investigate further. Yumi and Nono remain on the ship. Upon arrival, Ulysses comes across a recorded message in a computer log and plays it back. A doctor's image is broadcast from the computer and tells the story of the planet's inhabitants seeking the knowledge and technology of which would match the Gods' power. Unfortunately, the Gods didn't want these people to become that advanced, so they dropped some seeds into the planet's surface. These seeds would grow into dangerous, mechanical flowers that prevented any human activity with the hospital machines. The flowers were so sensitive, that even the movement of footsteps upon the planet would bring them to life.

Ulysses wisely takes the doctor's advice in the message of leaving the planet immediately. The plot thickens though, when Yumi cannot resist the urge to try and revive her brother Numanor. She and Nono carry him in a shuttle and head towards the planet, while Ulysses and Telemachus return, unknown to what has happened.

When Yumi and Nono arrive on the planet, the flowers have grown and are at half of their population. They remain lifeless though (for the time being). The two of them enter one of the buildings carrying Numanor upon a hovering stretcher, and find the necessary equipment that has the ability of revival. While Yumi has placed Numanor within the machine and is patiently waiting for successful results, Ulysses returns to the Odyssey and finds to his horror, that Yumi is not there. Sherka informs him of her location and he hastily returns to the planet.

The flowers have grown more active since before, and have swarmed into the building Yumi and the little robot are in. They use their laser fire ability to break through the security and are extremely close when Ulysses arrives to protect her and Nono. He himself has the help of his lasergun and fights off the majority of the flowers. They are trapped though when they find their transport has been literally melted by a group of flowers. This gives them no other option but to return to the building and lock themselves in behind layers of security. Ulysses then tries to make contact with Telemachus left on board the Odyssey, and explains his dilemma. Another craft is quickly despatched to the planet and heads towards the building.

The flowers are growing again, and they can almost cover the entire surface of the planet. Telemachus is flying the shuttle and has no problem in finding the building due to the dense mass of flowers trying to get in there. Ulysses is informed that the shuttle is waiting for him and the others, and so makes a final stand while trying to get everyone back outside. They all manage to get safely inside the shuttle, but the flowers make one last stand of their own and try to swarm all over the ship so it cannot take off. With a little effort, they all manage to untangle themselves and escape from the planet.

Back on the Odyssey, Ulysses is feeling slightly deflated because of being so close to reviving his crew. The journey continues...

Written by Mike Grove

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