Shraaaag's FUMBBL Scripts


Scriptomatic foultastic

Input a match ID of an XXXL game to parse the gamelog and find fouls, kills, crowd surfs and more. This script is still under construction, so if you find anything wrong, or want me to add more information, please send me a message.

Add team to XXXL

Make sure your team is part of the foultastic and the goblin rating script

Goblin Rating

Calculated rating based on matches played. Work in progress

Tournament player statistics

1 Tailz Headz XXXL Bowl Black Lantern Cup
2 The Big Cook Tailz Headz XXXL Bowl Black Lantern Cup
3 Squig Westminister Invitational Tailz* Headz* TBA TBA
* Ongoing, will be updated after each matchday or tournament

Script notifications, errors and warnings
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