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Tenali: Director Ravikumar's new light-hearted comedy

It's being discussed as one of the most high-profile Tamil film projects of the year. Director K S Ravikumar's new film, Tenali, features actor Kamal Haasan in the lead role and boasts a soundtrack composed by A R Rahman. His previous film, Rajanikanth-starrer Padayappa, was one of the biggest Tamil film hits of 1999. Tenali is scheduled for a Diwali release, and shooting for the film is now in progress in Ooty.

According to actor Kamal Haasan, who plays the role of Tenali, "He's a slightly psycho-neurotic person. He's absolutely paranoid about things. Some people are worried about heights, some people are worried about darkness, some people are scared to see vast open areas, some people are claustrophobic. Probably, Mr. Tenali is all this put together."

This is the second time the actor finds himself being directed by Ravikumar. The success of their earlier comedy, Avvai Shanmughi, led to it being remade in Hindi as the equally popular Chachi 420. In Tenali, actress Jyotika is cast opposite Kamal Haasan. "It's a role of a very young and boisterous girl who's totally in love with this character called Tenali, who's played by Mr. Kamal Haasan. Basically, it's not a performance-oriented role. But it adds life to the film and has very cute moments. So I think it's a character people will love", remarked actress Jyotika.

If Avvai Shanmughi raked in box office collections along with laughs, Tenali, with music composed by A R Rahman, seems to offer no less. In this reportedly light-hearted comedy, Malyalam star Jayaram returns to Tamil cinema as the psychiatrist who sets out to treat Tenali's paranoia. Speaking about the film, actor Jayaram remarked, "It's a comedy-based subject and is out-and-out humour. That's why I think the director has chosen me for this character. In Malayalam too, I am doing such characters and humor-based family stories."

Ravikumar's Tenali combines his directorial abilities with Kamal Haasan's histrionic talent and A R Rahman's music--making it one of the most talked about Tamil films of the year. The film's songs are being shot at a variety of locations, including at Ooty's hills, gardens and waterfalls. According to actress Devayani, "The music will be excellent as always. And I think Kamalji is going to portray his best in this film as he does in all his films. I'm sure Ravikumarji is also going to give his best direction. He is one of the best directors we have in the south."

Seemingly confident of his skills in various departments, Ravikumar has chosen to direct, produce and even distribute Tenali. And while the film is being projected as a comedy, it promises more than just side-splitting laughter. As Kamal Haasan puts it, "As a film, Tenali will touch you. You'll come out with a smile after this film. Just put your camera in front of the cinema house after the film is released and you'll see a lot of smiling faces."

With large parts of Tenali already in the cans, the film is fast progressing towards its scheduled Diwali release.

[source: ndtv]





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