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mani ratnam on film music

Below are a few excerpts from interviews he has given over the last few years

Mani Ratnam gives his comments on the music directors he has worked with - Illayaraja and A.R. Rahman.

Raja and Rahman! "I have worked with two music directors - Ilaiyaraja and A R Rahman. They're perfect opposites in the way they work. Illaiyaraja is absolutely prolific. He is an amazing talent who believes that the music written down by him should be stuck to totally. And then it is recorded which is just a matter of execution. Rahman does the opposite. He has the music in his mind, and uses every musician as an artiste, probably because he has been an instrumentalist himself. he tries to extract something extra from every one of his musicians as well as his playback singers. He believes in their addition input. Rahman improvises while Illaiyaraja has every little detail chalked out. Like Rahman I try to improvise while leaving others free to make their additional contribution...though I wish I could be like Ilaiyaraja and work out everything on paper."

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