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jana gana mana: Translated from Dina Thanthi 27-01-2000

A. R. Rahman who gave his music to vandemataramhas now returned with Jana
Gana Mana. The Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee will release the
cassette today(Thursday) in NEw Delhi. A.R.Rahman has achieved many
milestone s in the film industry. The patriotic song Vnademataram sung by
him achieved worldide fame. In continuation Rahman has now given his music
to India's NAtional Anthem Jana Gana Mana, IN this singers from all over the
country ahve lent their voice.

Rahman will accompany the Prime Minister in the release function. For this
purpose rahman, his mother KAreema BEgum, wife Saira BAnu, daughters Kathija
and rafia, sisters Kanchana, talat and ISrath left for Delhi by a special
flight yestreday evening from Chennai. Speaking to Dina Thanthi Rahman said
" On one side there is film music. I wish to tkae patriotic music to the
poeple. That is why I lent music to Vandemataram and aroused the emotions of
the people. Likewise I felt I should do it with jana Gana MAna also.I wanted
to release it during kargil but was not able to."

In this album 40 artyistes of Carnatuc, Hindustani and film music have come
together to sing and play under Rahman's music direction. Work has bene
going on for two months for this. This album is also produced by Bharatbala
who prooduced Vandemataram.

"I feel people sing the national anthem out of a sens eof duty and not out
of a sense of joy. iw nt them to sing it ith emotion. taht;'s why I ahve
taken up this project, said Rahman.

Dinakaran spoke to A.R.Rahman after he was awarded the Padmashri

Q: What do you feel on receiving this award
A: I am extremely happy and surprised at receiving this award. I hope Ic na
justify my receiving this award

Q:Is this award a morale booster?
A: YES. till now I have been receiving mailny film awards. This si the first
tiem that I ahve received such an award

q: What was your mother's reaction?
A: She is overjoyed. She congratulated me. I thank God, her, all the people
nd the Govt for thsi award

Q: What do you think about Rajnikanth gettign the Padmabhushan?
A: He should ahve got it long ago. I would like to express my
congratulations to him. I am happy to be honoured on the same platform as
people like Rajnikanth and Shekhar Kapoor.




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