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Shankar Mahadevan has been trained in Classical Music and started playing the veena since the age of 5. His solo performance at a age of 11. is talents managed to flourish according to him, cause he met the right people at the right time. Guru T.R. Balamani was his main teacher .He was trained by Tara Devi, which took care of his North Indian semi-classical learning. He did bhav-geet with Srinivas Khale, the legendary Marathi composer.Among Western musicians, Shankar has grown up with Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Bobby McFerin and Weather Report. Also a lot of Indo-Jazz with Louis Banks, and currently is a part of his band.

Shankar mahadevan is a quaified software engineer and was a part of the team that revolutionised teh development of fourth generation computer languages, before he decided to give that all up and become a full-time singer.

He is a part of a Swedish band called Mynta, whereby he travels to perform twice a year. Also performing in the Chineese Jazz festival , he considers quite important to him.

Songs like 'urvasi urvasi' (Humse hai Muqabla), 'Hindustan' (Border),'Oh la la' (Sapnay) and 'I love you' (Auzaar), he's made a mark in jingles and fusion.

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