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Abu -  The return of the thief of Baghdad.


Film: The Return of the Thief of Baghdad
Stars Chiranjeevi
Director Douchan Gersi
Producer Indus inc.

Abu - Chiranjeevi goes Global - 

A truly once in a millennium event is unfolding in the annals of Telugu cinema.It’s leading hero is in the process of casting his spell on a truly global scale. He is doing it with the movie Abu - The return of the thief of Baghdad.

The story as the name suggests is as old as time. But the treatment, the glitz, glamor   and  presentation   is   simon  pure  Hollywood.  Packaging this  Chiranjeevi’s  product are an best  in  their field(s).

To begin with, Pentafour is in charge of graphics & special effects for this movie. Richard. H. Clain (of King Kong & Camelot fame) is the Cinematographer. Guiles Master ( of ‘Mummy’ )is the Production Designer. Art Direction is by Thota Tharani. And A.R. Rehman composes the music. Dutchen Gersh makes his Directorial debut.

The heroine is Sasha - a Pepsi model in the US of A. Manisha Koirala lends the desi flavor. And Hollywood veteran Omar Sharief makes a special but important appearance. This channelizing of talent is reflected in the heavy expectations that this movie has generated in the markets.

Unheard of amounts are being offered for its per territory rights in A.P. Yes, the movie has a telugu version too which is being directed by Suresh Krishna who in recent times has successfully directed the hit movie ‘Master’




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