Photo: Myriam Guérin © 2009

About me

I am a system engineer developing acoustical and optical sensors and systems at Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace at Kjeller in Norway. Look at my CV for more details about my background and below for more information on some of my current and past projects:

Master thesis

I did my Master studies in physics at NTNU in Norway and realized the Master thesis about the specific heat of a high-temperature superconductor at Hiroshima University in Japan.

Ph.D. thesis

I defended the doctor degree on the melting of recycled aluminium at NTNU in Norway in 2001. The challenge was to reduce the metal loss due to oxidation while remelting recycled aluminium. I worked in particular on heat transfer, melting and solidification, and proposed a solution as well as a model for the functioning of this solution.

Voice transformation

Using a computer, I have modified the sound signal to transform the voice, that is, to make one voice sound like another person's voice. This technology enables us to make new voices and increase the voice repertoire of an actor or a speech synthesizer, for instance. Interesting applications may be found in the film industry (not least for cartoon movies and dubbing), in video games (serious and entertainment), as well as for virtual multimedia agents, to mention a few.