The horrible truth

Just in case anyone should happen to be interested (or immensely bored), here are some basic facts about me. A document in continual if glacial growth.

My name is Leif Magnar Kjønnøy; English-speaking friends only refer to me as "Leif" since that is difficult enough to spell or pronounce for anyone who hasn't made it his or her life's work to learn Norwegian, while the rest of my name is downright impossible to get right (containing, as it does, both characters that do not exist in the English alphabet, and sounds that do not exist in spoken English).

I was born in the evening of September 21, 1972. A rainy day, according to my parents, and it's been raining where I've been for most of the time that has passed since then. I have never done anything truly remarkable; I was born and bred to be a nerd, and have never been ashamed of my nerdhood.

I was continually being educated between August/September of 1979 (when I entered primary school) and the middle of February 1998, when I finished my degree at Department of Mathematical Sciences of NUTS, as I prefer to call the university after its restructuring. Sadly, I spent far too much time on nonsense and was far too lacking in discipline to get really good grades or anything, but that's life; at least I graduated. My degree of "sivilingeniør" is roughly equivalent to a Master's degree; it is in the field of applied mathematics, and my thesis concerned a class of partial differential equations known as reaction-diffusion equations (and systems of such) which are often used to model stuff like animal population dynamics or chemical combustion processes and whatnot.

Despite being trained as a mathematician, I've spent the years since then working as a computer programmer, at BIBSYS. But as of now (summer 2005) I have moved from Trondheim in order to shack up with my lady Ina near Oslo. Am currently seeking new employment, or else going back to college in fall (must remember to update this when status changes).

Other significant facts about me:

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