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Understanding STORE output

This chapter should provide an understanding of the typical nightly STORE job output, and how to fix the problems it indicates.

Store format is formatted according to a schema so it should be easy to parse (both for humans and computers). There is a label (in parantheses) indicating severity (typically one of Error, Warning, Info, or Trace) - normally you only get Info and Trace messages when running a program interactively. An Error always indicates something requiring human intervention, while a Warning may signify a transient condition. A particular version of an application in a repository is indicated using the schema <app@repository vver>, so for example version 2.1 of the zoo application at repository khym is <.zoo@khym v2.1>.

Top 10 errors and warnings

Here are some of the most common output types illustrated with examples and explanations.

  1. (Warning) These applications will not be used by khym:
            gindent       nova      (supports sun4os4)
    Means that there are applications that support the given linktree, but which cannot be used because they aren't slaved to a nearby repository (according to the metrics). You need to decide either:
  2. (Warning) Empty symlinks in /store on khym (removed):
     doc/elm ==> Ref.ps Users.ps
    Symlinks in the given linktree did not point to anything, so they were removed. This may be expected (e.g. because of deinstallation) or it may be because somebody forgot to install files for a new version of some program (the above example is typical).
  3. (Error) <traceroute@ludvig> has no registration file
    The given application is improperly installed - it does not have a registration file. The person responsible for the package should either finish the installation or remove the package if they decide it should no be installed after all.
  4. (Warning) bin/gmake
              symlink -> /store/store/ludvig/gmake/ver-3.67/bin/gmake
              symlink -> make
              i.e. nowhere!
    The application has a symlink that doesn't point anywhere, either because it points in the wrong direction, or because file were removed. In this case, the symlink should be to `/store/gnu/bin/make'. Fix the symlink or install the missing files as appropriate.
  5. (Error) <latex-nfss@ild> No winning master
    A slave application could not find any master to slave from. Typically the name of the application is misspelled or the master application has been deleted, in which case you probably want to deinstall the slave as well (using linkdown and rm -rf).
  6. (Warning) Changed link <- /store/store/kari/.elm/ver-2.4.23/man/man1/frm.1
                 -> /store/store/kari/fsp/ver-271/man/man1/frm
    (Warning) Changed link <- /store/store/kari/fsp/ver-271/man/man1/frm
                 -> /store/store/kari/.elm/ver-2.4.23/man/man1/frm.1
    Here, two different application contains the same logical file (a so-called namespace collision). This need to be resolved by renaming on of the files somehow, even if it means reconfiguring and recompiling one of the applications involved.

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