Here are some of my earlier music.
Songs from two bands I've played in,
Double Vision and S.O.T.,
as well as some work I've done on my own.

Sounds and software I've made can be found
at the HammerSound pages.


Double Vision
[Einar Eikaasen - Guitar / Lead Vocals | Leif Bærstad - Drums | Dag-Rune Omland - Bass | Thomas Hammer - Synth]

Long Gone (E. Eikaasen), 1990 [2.1MB mp3] Download


The Loner (G. Moore), 1990 [2.6MB mp3] Download


When will you come (E. Eikaasen), 1990 [3.2MB mp3] Download

[Fred Brenno - synth/sampler | Thomas Hammer - synth/sampler]

Dance Mix (F. Brenno / T. Hammer), 1992 [2.4MB mp3] Download


Whistle (F. Brenno / T. Hammer), 1990 [2.4MB mp3] Download


Waterfall (F. Brenno / T. Hammer), 1990 [1.7MB mp3] Download


Thomas Hammer
[Thomas Hammer - synth/sampler/programming/editing]

Times (T. Hammer), 1992 [7.3MB mp3] Download


Mezz (T. Hammer), 1992 [2.9MB mp3] Download


Planetarium (T. Hammer), 1992 [4.7MB mp3] Download


To play the mp3-files (mpeg audio layer 3), you need a mpeg audio player (surprise).
The best shareware/freeware player available is called Amp and can be found via this place (Win95/NT/DOS/MAC/Unix/Others).

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