Stig Hemmer

Born: May 22th 1967 in Trondheim, Norway.

Looks like (not):

Main Fields Of Interest:

Education: I'm a norwegian computer science "sivilingeniør". Norwegians like to consider this equivalent to a Master's degree.

Occupation: I work for Noca.

Favourite food: The faster the better.

Favourite drink: Diet Coke. Well, I like sugar-bomb Coke just as well, but I drink more than a liter a day and have slight weight problems even with Diet Coke. I'm currently experimenting with other minor-brand Colas.


Snailmail address:

   Stig Hemmer
   Steinhaugen 14
   N-7049 Trondheim

Faith:Atheism. (Yes, I do consider it a faith)

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