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World Clock

Similiar pages

Geochron, The World Clock that sees the Sunrise, Time and Sunset the World over, Not an Internet Clock, but very nice indeed.
BlueWave World Wide Time Select the place you want to see current time for, and the time will pop up.
Yahoo - Reference:Standards:Time:Internet Clocks The World Clock is featured in this list containing similiar pages of interest.
VIBE's World Map Clicking on the World Map brings you the local time there, using an analog clock, and an list of URL's to countries in that timezone.
DialLog-WorldClock Web-page for a nice looking Windows program. I haven't tried this one myself, but it looks interesting.
Local Times Around the World Here you can look up a number of places around the world, using these pages you can send a request to a local server telling you the current time there.
Date and Time Gateway A large list countries around the world, click on them to show current time there. Also provides a little map showing where it's day and where it's night.
Timezone Converter A cgi script which enables you the convert from one timezone to another.
Directorate of Time, USA Here you find lots of US Official information, including lots of nice accurate clocks.
ID LOGIC World Time Clock A promising Windows program, unfortunately I haven't tried it.
Foam bath fish time If you haven't realized this fact before, then go here, fishies can now tell you about time zones!

Other related links

Timezone information FTP-site with lots of usefull information about timezones, and daylight savings time.
Systems of Time A document that briefly tells about all the different timesystems in use.
International Standard Date and Time Notation Interesting document about how to write date and time correctly and what conventions are used.


Australia's Daylight Saving Times Always updated information about daylight savings time in Australia.


Yahoo - Computers and Internet:Languages:Java:Games Other nice Java Games



WELCOME TO WEBCAL - THE WWW CALENDAR A nice calendar/diary on the net, with a free personal edition.
Today Date and Time Lots of information about current time.
Niel's Timelines and Scales of Measurement List Information about timelines

Other Calendar Sites

Calendar Marketing Association They make nice calendars!
WWW Calendar Generator (v2) Makes a calendar, one month at a time.
Ecclesiastical Calendar: Enter a Year... Very much information about dates and calendars
Infomation about today What happened today?
Yahoo - Reference:Calendars Yahoo lists Calendar sites


The Date of Easter What day is Easter? The ultimate FAQ to calendars. Excellent!
Leap Years When? Why?

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