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Perhaps one of the key concepts of Street Fighter, is the style one's fighter belongs to. As one of the most powerful proponents of any given style, your fighter is expected to behave in a certain manner, whether the fighter likes it or not. Having Shotokan Karate as your character's style means a commitment to the Shotokan Karate way of doing things - and the same goes for, say, Ler Drit. There's noone nice that practice Ler Drit.
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[Aikido] Found in Contenders, [here]
[Arnis/Kali/Escrima] Partially developed, [here]
BaraqahFrom Contenders, found [here]
[Boxing] Found in the main book, [here]
[Capoeira] Found in the main book, [here]
[Commando training] (Special Forces) [here]
Graeco-Roman WrestlingDeveloped by me, found here
[Indian fighting arts]
Jeet Kune DoFrom Contenders, found [here]
[Jiu-Jitsu] Found in Contenders, [here], and Judo [here]
KabaddiFound in the main book, [here]
[Karate]Found in the main book, here
[Kung Fu] Found in the main book, [here]
Ler DritFound in Secrets of Shadoloo, [here]
LuaFound in Contenders, [here]
Marma-adi, an [Indian] styleDeveloped by me, [here] with the table of costs [here].
Muay ThaiFound in Secrets of Shadoloo, [here]
Native American WrestlingFound in the main book, [here]
[Ninjutsu] Found in Player's Guide, [here]
[Pankration] Found in Contenders, here, and developed by me, [here] and [here]
SanboFound in the main book, [here]
[Savate] Found in Player's Guide, [here]
Shotokan KarateFound in the main book, [here]
SilatFound in Contenders, [here]
Spanish NinjutsuFound in Secrets of Shadoloo, [here]
SumoFound in the main book, [here]
Tae Kwon Do Developed by me, [here], and the table [here].
Tai Chi ChuanFound in Contenders, [here]
Western KickboxingFound in the main book, [here]
WrestlingFound in Contenders, [here]. Also, American Show-Wrestling developed by me, found [here], with the table [here]
Wu ShuFound in the main book, [here]

[Animal Hybrid] maneuvers
[Any-cost] for maneuvers
Dark Sorcerers of Pan-Tang [background] and [maneuvers], and a discourse on the nature of [Dakruko],
- and a little something about ['Master' Hirkann]
[Elemental] maneuvers

[Revised costs]