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Why a Refined Taste background? 

Well, I just sort of wanted my Street Fighter, Jean-Jaques Xavier, to have a special background reflecting the fact that he is a French snob, with manners and tastes reflecting this.

Then, the idea for a Refined Taste background surfaced, which ideally would be a good thing for snobs to have, as it would reflect a certain knowledge and appreciation of the gentler side of life.

The Refined Taste Background? 

This background bestows a certain ability to know about and enjoy some of the classic things typical of a high society environment. This includes tasting wine, enjoying finer foods, choosing (and admiring) clothes, and to a certain degree also includes art. This is a sort of 'all-round' background, indicating an elegant taste, and is fairly often an insurance against social faux pas, such as using the salad fork for meat, filling wine in a brandy glass, and other inexcusable sins.

Important note: As this is a Background, it is very difficult to "turn off" this Background. A Street Fighter with this background would therefore always observe the little niceties associated with a refined taste (pinky straight when drinking out of a glass - even a beer stein, standing elegantly against a bar even when he is in a dive, and so on), unless the Street Fighter makes an effort to repress his habits.

The Storyteller is free to demand Willpower tests, or other relevant tests (perhaps Charisma+Subterfuge, or something like that) in order to determine how well the Street Fighter manages to not do those things he'll do almost automatically.

l Well... at least you're somewhat better behaved than the norm.
ll You are a sometime snob, but you usually don't do the big blunders in etiquette.
lll You are a slick high society eel adapted to your chosen environment.
llll Suave doesn't even begin to describe you.
lllllMartini please... Shaken, not stirred

Modifications to Archetypes: 

The Carte Blanche agents should possess a Refined Taste Background rated at least ll.