The Munchkin Handbook

Real Men, Real Roleplayers, Loonies and Munchkins

The Real Man

The Real Roleplayer

The Loonie

The Munchkin

Player Relationships

Real Men:

Real Roleplayers:




Favorite FRPG:

Favorite SFRPG:

Favorite 1920's RPG:

Favorite SHRPG:

Favorite modern day/spy RPG:

Favorite Post-Holocaust RPG:

Favorite King Arthurian RPG:

Favorite World/Setting:

Favorite Gaming Magazine:


Favorite Dungeon Activity

Favorite Melee Weapon:

Favorite Thrown Weapon:

Favorite Missile Weapon:

Favorite Improvised Weapon in Barroom Brawl:

Favorite Improvised Thrown Weapons:

Favorite AD&D Spell:

Favorite RQ3 Spirit Spell:

Favorite RQ3 Sorcery Spell:

Favorite RQ3 Divine Spell:

Favorite GURPS Magic Spell:

Favorite AD&D Psionic Ability:

Favorite Alignment:

Favorite Religious-type Character:

Favorite Non-Human PC:

Favorite Undead to Summon:

Favorite Way of Extracting Information from the Goblins:

Favorite Demon/Devil:

Favorite God:

Favorite Miscellaneous Magic Item:

Favorite Potion:

Favorite Ring:

Favorite Stick (Rod/Staff/Wand):

Favorite Armor:

Favorite Helm:

Favorite Shield:

Favorite Glove/Gauntlet:

Favorite Footwear:

Favorite Mount:

Favorite NPC:

Favorite Animal to use as a Familiar:

Favorite Kind of Elf:

Favorite Kind of Dwarf:

Favorite Food to take on Expeditions:

Favorite Fantasy Author:

When they encounter a sleeping dragon:

Favorite Town Activity:

Science Fiction

Favorite Science Fiction Weapon:

Favorite Method of Handling Alien Monster:

Favorite Science Fiction Movie:

Favorite Method of Space Travel:

Favorite Star to Put a Colony Around:

Favorite Science Fiction Author:

Favorite Monster:

Favorite Variant Human:


Favorite Bar to Hang Out In:

Favorite Superhero:

Favorite Modern weapon:

Favorite Actor:

Favorite Actress:

Favorite Actor to play James Bond:

Favorite Card Game:

Favorite Music:

Favorite Magazine:

Favorite Convention Activity:

Favorite Gaming Awards:

Favorite Type of Dice:

Call of Cthulhu

Favorite Spell:

Favorite Monster:

Favorite Type of Character to Play:


Capsule Opinion:

Favorite Service Group:

Favorite Secret Society:

Favorite Mutant Power:

Favorite Weapon:

Favorite Target:

Favorite Mission:


Capsule Opinion:

Favorite Character Type:

Favorite Powers:

Favorite Knacks:

Favorite Weapon:

Favorite Transportation:


Capsule Opinion:

Favorite Character Type:

Favorite Power:

Favorite Attribute:

Favorite Disadvantage:

Favorite Power Limitation:

Tactics in Hostage Situations:

Fantasy Hero

Capsule Opinion:

Character Type:

Favorite Spell Limitations:

Favorite Spells:


Capsule Opinion:

Favorite Advantages:

Favorite Disadvantages:

Favorite Skills:

Favorite Combat Spell:

Favorite Non-Combat Spell:

Favorite Supplement:

Supplement Most Wanted:

Villains and Vigilantes

Capsule Opinion:

Favorite Character Type:

Favorite Power:

Favorite Ability Score:

Favorite Weakness:

Favorite Battle Tactics:

Favorite Combat Maneuver:

Favorite Canned Adventure:

Favorite Member of the Crushers:

Favorite Member of the Crusaders:

Favorite Member of the Destroyers:

Favorite Member of the Errants:

Favorite Member of the Force:

Favorite Attack Style:

Favorite Way to Die:


Favorite Specialist Mages in AD&D:

Dealing with a Dragon:

Favorite Silly RPG:

Favorite TOON Character: