For the Glory of the Dominion!

Or how to kick the Universe while it's down..

The Dominion (abbreviated to DOM) is player group in the the Science Fiction Play-by-Mail game 'Beyond the Stellar Empire' run by KJC Games. ('Beyond the Stellar Empire' is hereafter referred to as BSE). BSE will soon be totally revamped and improved, and will then be named Phoenix.

DOM are an affiliation (player group) where we pursue our own, freely defined goals in this space game where you can pretty much do whatever you want. It is partly GM moderated so that total freedom of action is guaranteed, inside the rules of the game that is, but rules are to broken..

Within these pages we hope to show how we portray ourselves to others in the game and how we really are (there is an important difference).

What we say we are (IC) What we really are (OOC)
Low tech IC Low tech OOC
How to get in touch Private space