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"Michael Jackson & Friends" Press Release:


Jun 18, 99: Hinduja Foundation Sponsors An Indian Performance At "Michael Jackson & Friends" Charity Event.

The Hinduja Foundation has sponsored an Indian performance titled 'Ekam Satyam' in an international charity concert by Michael Jackson in support of the world's needy children. The concert that is taking place in Munich on 27 June will be in aid of the International Red Cross Society., Nelson Mandela's Children's Fund, and the UNESCO.

Vinod S. Hinduja, who conceived the project said, "My family has believed from generation to generation that understanding, tolerance and respect of different cultures is the key to world peace, not conflict and violence. I am, therefore, keen to follow in the footsteps of my father, Srichand P. Hinduja and my grandfather Paramanand, who practise these principles. My brother Dharam, who dreamt of helping needy children, actually motivated my creative spirit. I believe that entertainment is an excellent medium to foster this understanding, since it is also capable of promoting economic growth and social welfare."

'Ekam Satyam' is set to music by A. R. Rahman and produced by G. Bharat (Bala) and Kanika Myer Bharat. It will focus on the commonalties between different religions and the openness of the Universal Truth. The concert symbolises and offers a unique opportunity to the worl to benefit from India's rich culture, which enshrines the principles of peace and harmony. Other artists who will perform at the concert along with Michael Jackson include Shobhana, Prabhu Deva, and their troupe of dancers.

The Hinduja Foundation, a part of the worldwide Hinduja conglomerate, is active in many charitable projects across the globe, particularly in education, health, sports, vedic research, and multi-cultural understanding.

[source: MJIFC]






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