Joe's world

Welcome to Joe's world, a peek into a few of the things I like to do in my spare time. Have a look around!

I storytell a roleplaying campaign called Rosedale by Night. It's based on the Vampire: the Masquerade system from White Wolf. I hope to give it a web home here for reference both for GM, players and other interested parties. Look inside for opportunities to influence it!
I also like the board game Diplomacy. I'm organizing online games on a regular basis. Check here for the current standings, the scoring system, and the rules.
I started a football manager game called Rosedale Open in January 2004. Click here for details.
Once in a while, I draw a little guest comic at Shraaaag's Planet. Check out Fero's Window :-)
What does my MSN name Ryoga Hibiki mean? Who is he?
A few links, mainly for my own benefit, but feel free to try them out.

And if you want to sing a few songs in Norwegian, I've translated a few of Weebl's songs to Norwegian.