Sjakk is a chess program which works both as a standalone program (only norwegian language on the buttons) and as a winboard engine. The “original” name sjakk is the Norwegian word for chess. It is programmed in VB Express 2010 (which makes it quite slow) and is currently under development. It is not a particularly strong engine, I expect it to have an ELO rating at about 2300 on a fast computer (in 2011).

I would like to thank the community on TalkChess for lots of good ideas, Ed Schröder the author of Rebel for a great guide, Mediocre chess guides as a good starting point and a lots of other great ideas on the web. I would also like to thank Graham Banks, Oliver Deville, Leo Dijksman and Aser Huerga and others for doing a great job on testing engines.


Download [right click and save]:

27.07.2009 Sjakk v1.1.exe (0.2 MB)

04.11.2009 Sjakk v1.1.1.exe (0.2 MB)

01.12.2009 Sjakk v1.1.2.exe (0.3 MB)

12.01.2010 Sjakk v1.1.3.exe (0.3 MB)

10.02.2010 Sjakk v1.1.4.exe (0.3 MB)

20.05.2010 Sjakk v1.1.5.exe (0.3 MB)

31-10-2010 Sjakk v1.1.6.exe (0.3 MB)

05-02-2011 Sjakk v1.1.7.exe (0.3 MB)

20-06-2011 Sjakk v1.1.8.exe (0.3 MB)

29-12-2011 Sjakk v1.1.9.exe (0.3 MB)

Sjakk has now been converted to C++ which has helped a lot on the speed of the engine. The cost was that I had to throw away the GUI, and you now have to use an external GUI like Arena to use it. (It does have a text based GUI, but not for playing only testing.) Not all of the code is converted to C++ so the old engine still has a better code, but the new one is 5 times faster and over 100 ELO stronger. If you want to play a normal game of chess I would suggest the old engine which is more than strong enough for most of us…

The new version is also UCI compliant with the most basic functions implemented. There is also a 64-bit version.

01-04-2013 Sjakk v2.0.exe (0.2 MB) Sjakk v2.0 x64.exe (0.2 MB)

22-06-2014 Sjakk v2.1.exe (0.2 MB) Sjakk v2.1 x64.exe (0.2 MB) ReadMe.txt

22-06-2014 Sjakk 2.2 x32.exe (0.2 MB) Sjakk 2.2 x64.exe (0.2 MB) ReadMe.txt


Openings.txt  (2.4 MB)