NEF Workflow for D70s on Linux

This document describes my own workflow for processing RAW pictures from D70s to my linux computer. All steps here should work equally well on D70 and on other operating systems as long as you are able to install the software needed.

Required software (free)


  1. Copy files from camera to computer.
  2. Run the script prenef in the directory into which you have copied the nef-files. prenef does the following:
    1. Makes all filenames lowercase
    2. Changes the _ in the filenames to a predefined number between 0 and 9
    3. Runs dcraw in cheapest mode for preview jpg pictures
    4. Extracts exif-tags from nef-files and writes them to the jpg pictures
  3. Run a jpg-viewer on the dscXXXXXpre.jpg files, configure the viewer to also move away the nef-file when you want to delete a file. If using qiv, try the qiv-command below
  4. Run runnef. It runs dcraw again with chosen settings for final pictures, transfers exif-tags and deletes the preview pictures.
  5. For pictures that need manual processing, open them in gimp with the ufraw plugin










Håvard Berland