- fastest growing empire on Emer

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The Lankan Empire is the fastest growing empire on Emer, having recently swallowed up large lands to its north and now driving to the south. Few of its neighbours are safe from aggression, and the Lankani have seemingly endless supplies of troops as well as a bloody and dreaded religion that inspires fear among the other peoples of Emer. Yet, what holds this society together? Who or what is their god, and how do they really worship him? What drives these people to voluntary sacrifice at the prime of their youth, and why do they feel this is so important? Some questions may be answered below.

I have based my idea of the Lankani on the historical Aztez empire - in essence, my Lankani are Aztecs will a slightly evil bent. I have twisted and modified, of course, and borrowed (stolen) a lot of ideas from otherwhere. I have tried to name my sources when this has happened, but have no illusions that this has happened in all cases.

Note that within the next six months or so, Terry Amthor is scheduled to produce a source book for the Tai-Emer region, in which the Lankani are the dominant military force. This source book might very well contradict a lot of the below material. This is a risk I take because I need the info now, I can't wait as much as two months, so I am stuck with producing it myself.

What do the Lankani believe in, and why?
Religious hierarchy
Lankanok, being a theocracy, has a very well developed hierarchy - find out more behind the above link.
Thing Letters
The general Lankani populace are illiterate, but it doesn't bother them too much. They have their ways ...

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