Talents and Flaws

This lists up all the new or modified talents and flaws that can be obtained in or around the College. In addition to these, there are several others that can be had, these are mentioned in the various other documents describing the College and can be found in Talents and Flaws by Iron Crown Enterprises.

Talent & Flaw 0 (zero) Defensive Fighter The character employs a very defensive style of fighting. As a result, he gains a -10 to all melee attack rolls always, and a special +20 bonus to defense whenever he parries with his entire offensive bonus. None of these bonuses apply to the martial arts nor to melee of a purely magical nature.
Talent 10 Patron: The Presence The character has been contacted by and achieved intimate contact with the Presence of the Gryphon College. As such, the character is able to channel the Mentalism lists Cloaking and Delving from the Presence. The lists must be learned normally, but the Presence can teach them so no special materials are needed. Further, the lists are treated as Open Channeling for this purpose. If the character is not at or near the College, the maximum level that can be channeled is 10. If the character is not on Jaiman, the maximum level that can be channeled is 5.

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