Student Organisations

and student disorganisations

There are various more or less formal student organisations at the college. At the lack of a better word, I will refer to these as fraternities. If someone with a better understanding of the English vocabulary has a better suggestion, I am all ears.

Note that the actions of some of these fraternities can be quite suspicious and underhanded. This is known to the faculty, and some professors devote a lot of time to monitoring the events. As long as noone does something outright cruel or dangerous, they are letting it slide. They recon that the students learn a lot this way, and that they gain knowledge and experiences that will serve them well later. Also, most of the activities, though often mischevious, are seldom meant to be cruel. All in good jest and all that. This is not to say that nothing bad ever happens, but it does tend to get sorted out sooner or later.

Room numbers in this document refer to the room numbers on the map in Jaiman - Land of Twilight.

Do note that I have not strictly followed the original text as to the age distribution among the students.

Student organisations

Among the youngest students (8-16), there are two fraternities. These students live in two different rooms, and this is also what divides the fraternities. They are very fierce rivals. Below are some details on each.

Chamber of the Gryphon Wing


Jameri, 15, current leader. Shrewd, mostly fair. Moderately good-looking.
Zori, 16. Helpful, skillful academic.
Zori, 10. Rash, impulsive and doesn't think much before he acts. He ain't stupid though. Can be talked into just about anything.
Jameri, 12. Studies a lot, seldom in his room. Mostly in the library. Doesn't care much about fraternity politics. Glad to be allowed to study at the College, and wouldn't jeopardize it for the world.
Jameri, 11. Short and very fast. His friends call him 'speedy'. Usual winner of races. Very intelligent. Not too eager to put his head on the line.

Chamber of the Claw


Laan, 15. Strong, dexterous. Current leader. Strong-willed. Not a very good leader though.
Zori, 13. Physically unimpressive but very manipulative. Has some control over Hanim and uses this.
Nore, 14. Strong. Contender to the title, 2nd place in the league.

The Ignorants

So called because of their apparent ignorance of inter-fraternity intrigue and politics. The Ignorants generally don't care and want to spend their time learning stuff. There may of course be exceptions among their ranks.


Zori, 19. An excellent marksman, has won the archery tournament of the autumn games at several times.

The Elders

These people pay a lot of attention to student intrigue, and their experience often hands them 'victories'. They generally don't get much enjoyment from duping the 'kids' in the two Chambers though.

The Lost Chamber

Currently vacant, and has been so for a while. Thus the name.

The Girls

So called because they are all of the fairer sex, and the only students filling that description.


Laan, 15 years. Current leader. Loves the strip shows. Can be quite harsh some times.
Zori, 15 years. A bit of a wimp.
Jameri, 12 years.
Zori, 15 years.
Jamier, 13 years.
jameri, 14 years.
Zori, 17 years.
Zori, 13 years.
Jameri, 11 years. Cheeky.
Jameri, 12 years.
Zori, 16 years. Participated in the riverwalk a few times. She'll do anything that's fun.
Zori, 21 years. Studies history vigilantly.

The Uppers

These people live on the upper floor, and have more private quarters. There can be several reasons for moving into one of these rooms, one of which is that one grows tired of fraternity life and decides one wants more privacy. Thus, one applies for transferral and if lucky, gets it.
Note that this 'fraternity' covers several rooms.

The Bigguns

Or The Big Ones. These people don't impact directly on fraternity politics, but have a lot of indirect influence. Many of the younger students look up to these guys, and they are the center of much attention. Not least because they often teach the younger students. They are not very aware of their role, and those that are often try to play it down.
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