College Personalities

and some impersonalities

A place like the Gryphon College is coloured by the personalities involved in running and manning it. It is impossible to understand the College without understanding those who work, live and study there. This document will give general overviews and a few details concerning several of the inhabitants.

[Fatedard] [Sagarl] [Zaris]

Age: (appears 40) Eyes: Green Hair: Dk Brown Build: Average Height: 5'6"
Race/Sex: Iylar(Loari)/F Skin: Lightly tanned Demeanor: Usually businesslike
Dress: Green/brown robes or tunic and pants True Attitude: Compassionate, dedicated

Note: The above data and some of the following text is taken right out of Jaiman: Land of Twilight by Iron Crown Enterprises and as such all rights belong to I.C.E.

Zaris is the First Speaker of the Collegium and Matriarch of the College, as she has been for as long as anyone cares to remember. She is a no-nonsense woman who would rather pass the days tending to her herb garden than entertain the 'quarreling' that goes on in the council meetings. She is a very powerful animist, and her skill with herbs is unmatched on Jaiman and perhaps on Kulthea. Being the First Speaker, she is in charge of the day-to-day supervision of the College.

Zaris efficiently hides the fact that she is an attractive wood-elven woman by wearing unflattering, almost boring clothing. She is a practical woman and so wears practical clothes.

Age: (appears old) Eyes: Emerald Hair: Coal black Build: Slender Height: 6'5"
Race/Sex: Zori-Loar/M Skin: Fair Demeanor: Befuddled, distracted
Dress: Dirty-looking dark robes True Attitude: Curious, suspicious

Sagarl was born in Namar-Tol several hundred years ago. He was the product of a union between a Zori servant and a Loar maiden, causing an outrage in the Loar's family. The baby's clear Zori features gave him away and he was ever after an outcast in the elven realm. His mother gave in to family demands and broke contact with both Sagarl and the father, who was promptly expelled from the country.

Sagarl soon decided to leave the isles but could not escape his past. He desperately wanted to learn the arcane arts, and sought out scholarly institutions, libraries, tutors. Wherever he went in the civilised world, he was haunted by Loari elves, relatives of his mother or friends of relatives of his mother, or ... it was more than he could bear.

He finally ended up at Gryphon College. Here, in a relatively small community, where everyone faces common enemies, he found the peace he sought. He studied the art of illusionism and eventually became a member of the faculty.

He is still marked by his past, and is suspicious towards people he doesn't know, especially elves. He uses his facade of befuddledness and old age to catch people off guard and to study them without them becoming suspicious. It is worthy of notice that he doesn't really look very old, it's a sophisticated illusion that is constantly on him.

Sagarl is really very dedicated to the College and their cause, and he actively participates in raids against Unlife lairs. All those of the faculty that know of these raids also realise that his appearance is just a facade. In council meetings, he usually drops the illusion to promote trust.

He is prone to burying himself in a subject he finds particularly interesting, and at these times can be hard to reach. Only prodding him physically is likely to generate any kind of response. He finds old writings and stories to be of utmost interest, as well as actual artifacts from old times. He is capable of stopping in the middle of combat to study the inscriptions on an old altar or the drawings of a wall mosaic.

Sagarl has great respect for Zaris, and were it not that he is subconsciously ashamed of his heritage, he might have made attempts at courting her.

Having done lenghty studies into the arts of illusions, Sagarl has developed several novel spells. For one, he quickly grew tired of wasting time walking the corridors and hallways of the College, time that could be better spent studying the arcane. He also finds several mundane tasks unnecessarily time-consuming. To rectify this situation, he has developed a series of spells he calls his 'helping hands'. In short, these are all, without exception, illusions of regular hands (usually only one hand at a time) that zoom about doing various tasks for him. They have various properties, depending upon their purpose. Some have 'feel's, some have 'sound's, etc. Many can also be given a preprogrammed course so that they can move around somewhat independantly, fulfilling whatever task he sent them out to do. Note that most of these would be useless anywhere but on College grounds - they are designed for these locales only. He's not about to share these spells with anyone. A couple of examples:

Fetching Hand
This spell creates a phantasm of a hand with one or more feel mirages on it. The spell includes knowledge of the filing systems used in the College library. The hand can be sent to collect one book. If sent to the library, it will open any doors blocking its path and close them after passing through. It will search the library stacks for the book and, if not found, move to the librarian's desk and write on a piece of paper the title of the book sought. It will await the librarian's reply, if negative, it will return to its point of origin. If it receives the book, it will also return. If the spell is used to collect a book from Sagarl's own stacks, he will need to control it consciously as his filing system leaves a lot to be desired. He always knows where the books are though, which is a testament to his great memory. The hands that are sent to the library tend to have plenty of 'feel's on them to avoid the book being dropped and damaged from 'feel's disappearing.
Summoning Hand
This hand contains one or more feel mirages. It is usually sent to fetch someone. It moves to the room where Sagarl thinks they may be, knocks on the door, and waits. If noone appears within one minute, the hand returns to its point of origin and reports its failure. If someone opens the door, it beckons for them to follow and starts making its way back to its point of origin. At all times, if it has 'feel's remaining, it will open and close doors. If not, it will just travel through them. It will not wait for whoever follows, but will travel at slightly slower than a normal walking pace (like, 35'/rnd). When it reaches the door into the room where the spell was cast, it will point on it for a while and then disappear.
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Age: 43 Eyes: Grey Hair: Brown Build: Sturdy Height: 6'0"
Race/Sex: Zori/M Skin: Light tan Demeanor: Demanding, just
Dress: Brown pants and tunic normally, chain mail in combat True Attitude: Devoted, cautious

Fatedard is the melee and archery instructor at the College. He teaches all forms of close combat skills, except the martial arts, which are left to Araia. As an instructor, he is uncompromising, always demanding nothing but the utmost devotion. He can seem impossible to satisfy some times. Still, those few times that he does offer a nod of approval, the student knows he is really making progress.

Fatedard is very restrictive about letting women into his classes. There are very few girls at the College, and he feels they have no business learning weapon skills. The martial arts, ok, but not fencing or archery. He tends to be adamant in this, and Zaris has had many talks with him about it. Being a capable swordswoman herself, she would like women to be allowed to learn this art, but he rarely bends. This may be part of the reason he really doesn't like the First Speaker much. The few times he does accept girls, it is only after they have shown true talent for the skills that he teaches. Once he has accepted a girl, though, he treats her as any other student for good and for bad.

Fatedard really dislikes Eldor, one of the Mentalists, why is not yet known. He is disliked by Neeya the rogue for his failing to teach women the beautiful art of fencing as well as his apparantly cowardly way of fighting. The runemaster Orodia also avoids him as best she can.

Being a cautious fighter, Fatedard has developed a fighting technique that focuses on defending oneself first and damaging the opponent second. Whether consciously or not, this is the fighting style that he teaches his students. The effect of this is that any student that has learned the basics of melee combat by Fatedard may choose to take the talent/flaw pair Defensive Fighter if the student so wishes. The total combined cost of this talent/flaw pair is zero talent points, and one can not choose to take only the talent part or only the flaw part.

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