Field Operative

Doing the legwork...

The field operatives of the College are the information-gatherers and the first line of offense. They travel the lands, collecting information, recruiting students and establishing contacts. Should they find evil afoot, they will either contact the College for assistance, or should the situation either be trivial or urgent, take care of matters themselves. They are in interesting lot.

Background information

The field operatives consist of two quite different groups of people. First, you have those ex-students or otherwise friendly people who travel the lands for their own reasons but keep in touch with the College. They function mainly as information gatherers and occassionally as recruiters. Very rarely will they organise raids or any kind of direct action. Then, you have those who are in the employ of the College to travel the lands. These individuals will go to great lengths to further the goals of the College, and are the spear points of College raids.

For operatives to be able to recognise one another, they are issued with Gryphon Pendants. These are small magical items hung around the neck, magically attuned to their wearers. Upon encountering someone with a Pendant, another trained spellcaster can 'Power Perceive' the stranger's pendant and confirm that he is what he says he is. It is virtually impossible to break this 'code' or forge a Gryphon Pendant. These items are created at the College by the resident alchemists. Any College operative encountering a person wearing an attuned Pendant will treat this person as if he were connected to the College (which he would be). Note that the Grey Ring of Emer also uses these items for the same purpose. It would be obvious to a trained person checking a Pendant whether it is a College or a Ring pendant.


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