Education Form

This document describes the general education philosophy entertained at the college and how it is implemented. Not much here yet, any suggestions?

Overall Education form

Free/liberalistic education.

Divided up in stages

basic lores, basic mathematics, phys.ed. Are evaluated by the teachers constantly. No 'tests' as such. Minor projects all along the way. All newcomers are treated this way until they have proven themselves to qualify for the next stage. The freshmen are generally exposed to only one or a few teachers in this period.
More projects, alone and in groups. Projects cross over into different fields, and the pupils receive education on needed parts. To some extent will they have to acquire information themselves. Several of the faculty are involved in any one pupil's education, as needed. Some mass education is performed, generally by various groups of pupils (seldom more than five in a group) working on different stuff, with a teacher walking among these groups giving advice.
Generally from age 16 and up, the students have a lot of freedom as to the direction they wish to take. They tend to design their own project assignements and do much of the work of information gathering. They do still, however, attend the 'mass education' of the Pupils if and when needed.


There are no grades. Rather, the low number of students compared to the number of faculty allows the teachers to have a good idea of any one student's ability. There are only two levels of accomplishment at the College - either you pass or you don't.
To determine how much a student knows, there are term projects all terms. The quality of this project is part of the determining factor. These projects are assigned by the teachers the first years, and thereafter the students get more and more influence for themselves.
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