... where credits are due

Those who think I came up with all this great stuff myself have too much confidence in one poor student's imagination. Below is a list of guys who have been of help to me, either by sparking my imagination or by specific contributions. I have tried to say a little bit about what each of them 'gave' me as well, please don't be mad at me if I forget something ...

Oh, and, ummm, well, obviously, the copyright thing on the main page doesn't cover specific stuff that I borrowed from others. But you knew that.

Terry Kevin Amthor
Well, ok, so that's an obvious one. Still, Terry is the guy who started this whole thing, and without the starting point he gave me in Jaiman - Land of Twilight this never would have happened.
Patrick Plummer
Patrick has done a lot of great work with various organisations and stuff in Jaiman and on Emer. I drew upon his work and his campaign for several things, including Zaris' past, the College's link to the Grey Ring, their use of Gryphon Pendants, and probably more. Thanks Patrick!
The Rolemaster list
Ok, so a bit impersonal, but there is no end to the inspiration one can get from the guys on that list. Probably stole more ideas there than what I came up with myself .
I must thank you as well, for reading this and considering the possibility of using it in your own campaign. Mostly I thank you for your feedback and comments should you actually decide to use it.

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