Connections and Power

We are our interconnections

Where does the College have its allies and friends? Where do College students go after they've graduated? What is the impact of the College on Jaimani politics? These and other questions will be, if not answered, at least touched upon below.

Allies and friends

There are several organisations and individuals both in Jaiman and on Emer that the College faculty can rely upon in times of trouble. Some of them are briefly described below.


College students tend to be sons of men in power, often heirs to high positions. Needless to say, these people are a great resource to the College. Several nobles in Rhakhaan and U'Lyshak are former students, and this gives the faculty a lot of influence in policy-making in both these areas.

Other graduates become travellers, gathering information and spreading their outlook among the peoples of Jaiman and further continents. From time to time they tend to visit the College and chat with their professors about the goings on. This is a very valuable source of information for the faculty.

Yet others become Loremasters, Navigators, court magicians, or place themselves in other positions of power and influence. Those who graduate from the College tend to have great knowledge and an excellent education to draw upon, in addition to being pure of heart and aware of the dangers of the Unlife. Needless to say, they thus tend to end up in high positions, and they tend to further the goals of the faculty wherever they do end up.

People of power

For reasons explained above, many people of power in Jaiman tend to be College people, but even those who are not can be swayed to the cause of the College. College operatives travel the land and debate with various individuals, be it local lords, generals, guildsmasters, prominent magicians, witch hunters, or whatever. Much knowledge is gained in this way and friendships, even alliances, are forged. In other cases, even if a given lord may not be a College graduate, someone he knows may be, this can be put to good use. Although College operatives do not seek to impersonate Loremasters, they are often mistaken as such. Of course, in some cases, they are both.

The Knights of Rhakhaan

Rhakhaan has several ancient knighthoods, institutions with great influence and which are an important reason the realm has held together for countless millenia. Although the College does not cater specially to the knightly type, they have their people in these orders. Not many, granted, but they are there. From time to time, one will see Knights visiting the College for knowledge, education, advice, or even healing. The leaders of the Knighthoods tend to be aware of the presence of the College although they may not be aware of its great political influence. The College sees the Knighthoods as a very important force when it comes to combatting the Unlife and, of course, when it comes to holding Rhakhaan together.

The Elves of Remiriath

Zaris herself was an important figure in Remiriath politics, and several elves have attended the College. The College is not plagued with lack of influence in the elven realm. In fact, it is the one organisation in Jaiman that may actually have a slim chance of gaining humans access to the elven woods, given that they have a good reason.

The fiefs of U'Lyshak

The faculty is quite active trying to recruit the noble sons of U'Lyshak for the College. Traditionally, Rhakhaan nobility has been well represented, but the great barriers between Rhakhaan and U'Lyshak have been a hindrance to expanding westwards. They are having some success, and, among other things, have a valuable connection in young prince Kier of Cynar.

The Grey Ring

The Grey Ring of Emer has connections to the College. The Ring, a much younger and less powerful organisation than the College, benefits a lot from this partnership, as does the College. Valuable information on the Emer situation is gained from the Ring, and another source of recruitment has opened up. Although there are relatively few students from Emer at the College, their number is growing. Most of these have been channeled through Grey Ring operatives. Also note that the Grey Ring uses the same Gryphon Pendants as does the College to identify their operatives.


All in all, the College has a lot of power to throw around, political, magical, and otherwise. They tend not to though. Discretion is their modus operandi, not the flaunting of power. Their channels are put to good use, however, when the College requires fast passage through the Empire, when they need special materials, or when they see a need to modify the political situation ever so slightly. It would be frightening for an outsider to see how conveniently Rhakhaanian army units tend to be positioned during College raids, for example, or to witness the swiftness of a baron's fall from power after a late-night meeting between a member of the royal family and a College operative. Of course, an outsider would never have the opportunity to see such things, there are people who see to that.

If the College were not a benevolent institution, it would have been a nightmare. In essence, it is the secret police of Jaiman, there to right wrongs and combat evil in its purest form. They are very successful at both of these.

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