Gryphon College

the Bent way

Original material herein is Copyright Bent Dalager, 1996-1997

Parts of the Gryphon College concept are Copyright Iron Crown Enterprises. This is in no way an attempt to challenge any of ICE's copyrights or trademarks.

The following is an expansion of the little information that can be found about the Gryphon College in ICE's book Jaiman - Land of Twilight. I have tried to stick to what that book says and just create padding. In some instances, this does not work and I will try to specify this on a case-by-case basis.
I realise that my vision of the College will necessarily conflict with that of others. When this is the case, I would be infinitely grateful if you could drop me a mail describing where you disagree and why. I do not claim to have the only correct view, nor the best view possible - and I have no qualms borrowing from others if their work is better than mine.

Anyone may feel free to use this text for any non-commercial gaming purpose, in its original or in modified form. If you do decide to use it, please drop me a line and let me know. Also, if you found inconsistencies, incompleteness, etc., or have suggestions for changes, improvements, expansions, etc., I am happy to read about it.

I haven't done all this myself, you know. Click above for a list of my little elf helpers.
Overall Concept
What is this really?
Connections and Power
Gives an idea of the connections the College has to other organisations and individuals, and also hints at the true power of the College itself.
College Rules
The rules all students have to follow or risk exclusion from the College.
Education Form
The overall education form chosen for the College and the details in its implementation.
College Faculty
Describes the various professors and other teachers at the College.
The Presence
A mysterious and hidden presence lives near the College. Here are the gruesome details.
Student Organisations
Describes the various student organisations in the College, their rituals and their members.
Prominent Personalities
Descriptions of personalities, motivations, etc., for several of the inhabitants of the College.
Field Operatives
Short descriptions of a number of field operatives and their tasks.
Some short stories to add flavour to the setting.
Room Descriptions
Add-ons to the room descriptions given in the Jaiman book.
The Calendar
How a standard year looks like at the College.
Regular Events
An in-depth look at the events on the Calendar, above.
Talents & Flaws
Some new talents and flaws connected to the college.
The Little Things
Details, odds and ends, complimentary material. Heavily linked to from the other parts of these documents.

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