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Shadow World is an Iron Crown Enterprises, Inc. trademark and the currently published Grand Campaign is a joint copyright held by Terry Amthor and Iron Crown Enterprises, Inc.


For more information on the campaign world, the GM should consult the Shadow World Master Atlas. In addition, data can be found in the rulesbooks of the Rolemaster Standard Rules and its present companions. The complete magic system is found in Spell Law.


This chapter is an alternate and more extended version of what was supplied to the public by Mr. Amthor through the Internet, entitled Chapter XIV of the Grand Campaign. GMs are encouraged to change it to suite their parties and personal GM style, as appropriate.


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Grand Campaign

Ÿ Part XIV Ÿ




The group steps through the portal into a shadowy chamber of an ancient temple. Most of the stone roof and two walls have collapsed. The portal disappears as the last member steps through and the area is ominously quiet. Anyone checking about can make an Architecture (-10) or a Religion Ÿ Iloura (+10) will determine this temple to be of an old elven design for Iloura. There are many pots for plants, some still sprouting weeds and other strange plants. Those that take the time to poke about will be given a Herb Lore roll. It is medium (0) if they state they are checking the plants and Very Hard (-20) if not. Anyone making the maneuver realizes that wild Alzo (seeds, cr/boil/dr, +50 to adrenal maneuvers for 3 rnds) grows here. A search roll will take an hour and each character only gets one roll. The PCs roll on the Hard Moving Maneuver Table; making the percentage chance means enough seeds are found for 1 dose, making half the chance means two doses are found.

When they emerge from the partially collapsed temple they find themselves on a low hill in what appears to be the center of a vast ruined city. The tumbled remains of beautiful Elven villas and palaces surround the immediate area and the rest of the town stretches beyond this ring of once proud buildings.

n PC Roll: Hard Architecture roll (-10) will identify this city’s location as Urulan.

Many nearby structures even include Orhan Marble (Hard Stone Lore (-10) to identify except for Terek which is Light (+10)). This marble will force "Evil" beings or creatures of the Unlife to save vs. 7th lvl if it creates any sort of doorway or wall - failure will stop the being from crossing or entering. Saving by less than 50 causes the blue-white marble to glow bright blue as a warning.

If the players decide to check out the local villas and palaces, they will find fragments of signs, engraved plaques, and location pillars engraved with Iylar runes. This may identify the city after several signs are discovered, but it will still be a Sheer Folly (-50) Elven History roll to succeed. If the players insist on checking out a specific villa - use the following villas below.


Villa #1: This ruined building still has a near beautiful back yard that is not nearly as overgrown as it should be. (A dryad-like spirit comes by every three days and quietly does some work). The fountain still works and the water is suprisingly clean. It shows a female elf shooting water bolts upwards from her palms. She stands in a large clam shell which slowly drains the water away to prevent overflow. If this wild garden is searched all that will be found is a viper [Lvl:1 Move:40’ AT(DB):1(30) +25 SmSt<<poison is 2nd lvl muscle]. This viper is under a bush and the random PC who finds him must make a Sense Ambush (0) or take a surprise front attack - apply the critical to a random arm.

Within the Villa the whie tile floor has many cracks due to age. The walls are stark and off white. Many items of easy transport are gone and the signs of small rodents will be obvious to those PCs with 2+ ranks in Read Tracks. Upstairs, there are still two prizes if a search is conducted - if the PCs request to do so, tell them it will take an hour for a search. {Roll for each searching PC - 50% chance: make a Observation (-20) to find an old quiver with 6 +10wm arrows. 40% chance: make a Locate Hidden (-10) to find a small hidden compartment with 26 gp minted in old Urulan and a small bag of high quality emeralds valued at 117 gp. 10% chance - character staggers into an unsafe area, make a Medium moving maneuver adding either Ag bonus X3 or Tumbling - those that fail take a +30 SmBash attack getting no "visual defenses" (blur, invisibility, etc.) or shield bonus. Even with no damage the character will stagger out of the room with bits of plaster in his/her hair, etc.


Villa #2: This building and grounds is actually a small palace. The outer doors and windows are all framed by Orhan marble (for effects, see above). This is the safest building in the entire city for the players to spend a night; or so it seems… The building and property is walled by a huge and now overgrown thorn hedge. The only ways to enter the property is by flying or through the front gate. Here, the thorns have not quite grown together. It is a Light Contortions (+10) to enter: -10 if over 6’ tall, -10 if over 200 lbs, and -10 if wearing any armour. Failing the maneuver means you take 1 hit (2 hits if AT1) and must try again. The front yard is overgrown and dominated by a huge oak tree. The yard has twelve carved deer in very lifelike poses. One has an arrow sticking out of it. Several bluejays live in the front yard.

The interior is faded but still regal. An ancient tapestry still hangs high up the wall in the great foyer - a green tree on a white background. The main entertainment room still holds a table with miniature soldiers; elves, lugrok, men, an Ordainer and a pack of Unicorns all beautifully rendered, painted and averaging 2" tall. They would be worth 8 sp/figure to many nobles and collectors but time has rendered them brittle and fragile - the type of travel done by PCs would surely destroy them.

The kitchen has five dolls and two pairs of wooden arms sticking out of the wall over the sinks. These arms are enchanted and will clean anything that is placed into the sinks. The arms can cast Summon Water and Evaporate six times per day. The dolls are slightly faded, about 2’ tall and could still fetch 2 gp each. Most of the rest of the house also has 1 - 5 dolls in each room with the above description except:

The two children’s rooms. These rooms were lovingly decorated and each contain 32 dolls. One room is all pinks and lace while the other is greens and hunting scenes. Here, nothing seems to have been touched by the hand of time. The small beds are made, oil is in the wall lamps, and a new set of clothing is set out for the day. The size indicates the elven children were roughly six years old.

There is only one thing wrong with this house… The two hidden miniature golems that look like dolls - one an elven hunter and the other a noble lady. These two golems are very intelligent and used to baby-sit the children of the house, both teaching and protecting their wards. As the many years have passed, the golems have warped somewhat and now are cunning but insane in their defense of the children’s room. Their stats are: [+18 initiative, AT11(60), Hits:100, Crit:II, no stun, no bleed, regenerates 1 hit/round, move:40’. They speak all elven languages and will not attack those who play with dolls unless they attack first. Attacks: The Hunter has +100 Stalk/Hide, +85 Longbow (does half hits), +65 dagger (looks like a longsword), +50 ambush (8%), controls and rides a falcon when the need arises. The Noble Lady has +60 Stalk/Hide, +50 dagger, +50 with Strike, and can cast 12 spells per day choosing from Open and Closed Essence and Illusionist base.] These golems will hide and watch until the PCs go to the children’s room, when it becomes obvious that the PCs are not returning the "stolen" children.

This should be an escalating conflict, starting with a unseen wheeled toy at the top of the stairs (where did that come from?) to full battle. The ranger will use his ambush to maximize the wound without killing - and then usually run away into the secret mini passages behind the cupboards, behind furniture, etc. They know that killing the PCs will not bring back the "children" and so play hit and run until the PCs offer to talk. (Shrieking "What do you want?" into the ceiling will do nicely.) They will deal with the players, saying they want the children back. If the PCs try to leave anytime the ranger will swoop in on falconback and snipe with his bow. Illusions of dolls will soak up the biggest of the PCs attacks, hopefully. If the PCs convince the golems that their charges are gone forever - Hard (-10) Diplomacy - the dolls will go to the back yard and commit suicide with the Noble Lady’s fire spells.



This ruined city is covered by clouds and mists, which will be burnt off towards noon each of the next three days. This will show the central mountain range running north-south through the land - an excellent guide to the south were the remaining settlements are said to be. When the players walk through the city, it has a depressing feel and they are encouraged to continue. If they are foolish enough to stay the night, they will be beset by Daedhel (Elven Demons) in groups of 1-5. Small groups will run if the PCs are camped, only to return about two hours later with 2 other groups to really pound the PCs. (Note: PCs staying in Villa #2 are immune to this result).

A Light (+10) Region Lore will tell the PCs that heading south along the mountain range is the best bet in finding a way of this island. The few remaining elven settlements are concentrated in the southern part of the island - Terek will know this automatically if part of the party. If the players move in any other direction, give them an Observation roll (0) two hours later to detect that signs of civilization are becoming harder and harder to detect. If players insist on continuing, the GM must improvise.

Note: During this time of travel, the GM should make other encounter rolls for the terrain, etc. Two encounters are provided below and are automatic. The area is relatively sparsely inhabited and only non-civilized encounters should be used, others should be treated as "No Encounter".

encounter first night: night hounds

Packs of these eerie creatures maraud through the wilds of Urulan once the sun has set. They are very aggressive, hungry, and will attack even well armed parties. The size of the pack should be one greater than the number of beings in the party for this attack. If the GM wishes to use them as a random encounter later in the trip, they will number 1d10. [Lvl:5 Size:M +8 initiative, 140’ move, Hits:80 AT4(30) +60 MBite, Gaseous Breath (4th level; fail 1-25 d10 round coma, 26-50 d10 minute coma, 51-100 d10 hours, 101+ d10 days).

If the party tracks the pack back to their lair, {3 Tracking rolls, Medium (0), V. Hard (-20), and Hard (-10) to the lair} they will find 2 young 1st level pups who won’t fight until attacked, 14 silver and 5 bronze pieces from Sel-Kai, a fancy broadsword worth 22 sp but has no bonus, remnants of several bodies (animal, elven and human if inspected and a Light (+10) Observation is made. If the player continues to check out the bits and bones they get an additional Hard (-10) roll on their best "nautical" skill. Success indicates that the humans were pirates prior to their demise based on clothing, the weapon harness parts, etc) all in an ugly pile of bits of bone, clothing, leather and Hound dung. Any party member willing to dig within the pile gets to make an Observation roll (0) every 2 minutes to find one of the following: a beautiful silver elven comb that cleans any hair combed, a small box with 12 gp, +5wm Main Gauche weighing only 8 oz.

encounter: an althoi

n PC Roll: Extremely Hard (-30) Alertness or Light (+10) Sense Reality Warp will detect the creature at the edge of the PC’s vision in the mists.

One of the Agothu, the demons from the Outer Void (Master Atlas, page 78) has noted the appearance of the characters through a magical portal and will appear to observe them for a while, starting in the pre-dawn of the second day. The creature hides in the mists about 50’ away, nearly invisible. It will retreat when noticed. It will visit three times a day for three days, then lost interest. It does not attack, and if attacked by the PCs, will only use violence to escape. [30th level, move:60’ Speed:MD/FA Hits:200 Crit:LA 11(40) +60 MGrapple/+40 SStinger/Spells]



Situation and briefing

The group has been traveling south for about 5 days, knowing that eventually the mountains will be climbable or they will come far enough so that they will find a civilized community. Before that happens, they will encounter an installation of the Steel Rain.

The intention of this encounter is not for the players to confront the Steel Rain in force, but to have a minor brush with them. The biomechanical Iron Warriors are controlled by a telepathic computer brain, under the direction of the three Priestesses of the Steel Rain. As a result, the Warriors do not respond as individuals, and lack the ability to react well to unexpected input. When the group first encounters any Iron Warriors, they will be ignored. Only when they begin to interfere with operations will they get into trouble.

the mines

n PC Roll: Light Observation (+10) to spot the smoke two miles from the encounter. If all characters fail, there is a Routine (+30) Observation at one mile out to see the smoke and hear the sounds of the machines strip mining for valuable metals. The noxious smoke belched by these machines usually mingle with the ever-present mists; but today is a clearer day, and PCs can see the evidence as above.

The outer mines are huge craters, roughly circular, where large machines spiral down into the earth, tearing at the rock and scooping up the desired ores. The inner mines are no less extensive, but lie underground. The entrance to these mines is a bunker-like structure on a nearby hillside.

n PC Rolls: A Light Mining - Open Pit (+10) will tell the successful character that the work done here is too extensive to have been done… normally. These strange machines seem to do the work of a hundred dwarves as they scrape and tear at the earth. A Medium Flora (0) will tell the successful PC that the beings who are doing this work care nothing for the forest that they are destroying. No attempt is even being made to save the many majestic trees that tower over their brethren.

It is presumed the characters observe all of the above from a good half mile away, probably from a hilltop. Once they have rolled their skills and made any discoveries, peak their curiosity with the phrase, "Hmm… Nope, no other rolls allowed this far out." Between the strange machines, the small figures moving about, the belching of smoke, and this unfair comment, the players should be opting for a closer look.


3Ÿ Friend or foe?

encounter: an epsilon drone

This particular drone has been painted a dull green and probably blends well into the mid-summer forest, too bad it’s the end of winter. It is a foot in diameter with a groove running along the equatorial line. In this grove are a variety of sensing devices the drone will use to "check out" the party. This device is basically an intelligence-gathering probe sent out by the Steel Rain to assemble data and return to base. The gravitics are not sophisticated, but the device will manage adequately. [Level (20) Move:30’ F/VF Crit:I Hits:120 AT:20(80) No attacks, inquisitive]

The drone will approach the party as they head down to further investigate the huge pit (GMs can have this encounter with the PCs even if they head away). It will be cautious, flying slowly towards the party slowly. When it is within 40’, it will stop for 2 rounds and extend a variety of sensing devices. PCs should not know what these devices are and could interpret these extensions as a hostile action. If attacked, this will change the following encounter as the device calls for help (by radio) while it retreats. If not attacked, it will then proceed to advance and irritate the party. Examples would include hovering near a PC’s backside making "sniffing" sounds. Lightly toughing a PC’s armour with a sensing extension to determine it’s makeup. Plucking out a single hair as a sample. Etc. Remember, the second encounter will be quite aggressive should this drone be harmed significantly. The drone will move on after 5 minutes of harassment if not attacked.


encounter: Iron warriors

Six of these warriors will approach the party, coming over a small hill of dumped and sifted gravel that holds no useful metals for the giant machines that are tearing the earth in the distance. These particular individuals have been modified to maximize their usefulness to the mining operation and are equipped with a variety of special devices to improve their efforts. They are searching for a missing Iron Warrior that has escaped before becoming "fully modified". (This is Keisien Ermenel, detailed later.) They will briefly look over the PCs before moving on.

Note: If the previous encounter resulted in significant damage to the drone, then these warriors will be out to capture or even kill the PCs.

Stats: Biomechanical Miners Level:5 Size:M MS/AQ: MF/MF Base Move:50’ MM Bonus:+15 Hits:110 Crit:-- AT(DB):18(30) Natural Attacks: All have +75MBash, +50 MGrapple and +50 Tiny attack (smaller tools). Tool attacks: one of Circular Saw (+75 Shortsword) OR Rock Breaker (+70 War Mattock) OR Shovel (+80 Club). All tool based attacks have a fumble of 7, breakage number of 6 and a weapon strength of 85. Attack pattern is a weapon based attack OR a natural attack with a weapon attack added (at -20) if the natural attack criticals. Defensively, they usually have a minor tool in their off hand worth 10 DB vs one meelee attack. Due to the haphazard nature of their armoured body parts, there is always a 45% chance of greaves no matter where they have been hit. Criticals on limbs have a 25% chance of ignoring bleeding, if that part of the limb is artificial. If an artificial limb is chopped off, death will not occur as stated in the critical, just stun the Biomechanical Miner for 1 round and then it will continue on without the limb.

Regardless of whether the PCs and Iron Warriors do battle or the Iron Warriors just walk by, Kesien Ermenel will be flushed from his nearby hiding place and will run. If Leena is part of the party she will recognize him immediately. The Iron Warriors will pursue if not locked in battle. PCs seeing this poor elf on the run from the Warriors (who want to take him alive) will hopefully help out and probably be drawn into a fight anyway.

GM Note: Speed this altercation up by bringing in reinforcements if the fight takes too long. Remember, the PCs are here just to get a taste of the Steel Rain, not confront it head on. Later reinforcements should be in numbers that convince the PCs to run before they get close. If your party needs a big hint, bring in one of the huge mining machines. At AT20(50) Crit:SL Hits:500 with a +300 HCrush attack, etc. they should be in full flight before one of these behemoths arrive.

Kesien Ermenel

Age:30 (Appears 20ish) Eyes: Blue/Metalic green Hair:Blond Build:Muscular Height:6’3" Race:Iylar Skin:Very pale Demeanor:Emotionless Dress:Black synthetic coverall True attitude:Paranoid and insane.

Kesien’s stats and abilities have been artificially altered by the cybernetic implants and prostheses. One eye and one arm is artificial. He was in the early stages of transformation prior to his escape, however, so the changes will not be obvious until the group gets close to him. He will not fight the group, and will flee if they try to detain him. Kesien can see into the infrared, and can make out amazing details at a distance once he has noticed something.

GM Note: Leena’s brother AErik and his friends were captured by agents of the Silver Claw. Orrel Ermenel has died, Kesien escaped but is insane and paranoid, living in the Urulan wilderness. Most unfortunate, however; AErik has been turned into an Iron Warrior. Parts of his body have been ‘enhanced’ with magical/mechanical additions, and a combination of spells and technology have rendered him a shadow of his former self. Any memories of his family are deeply buried. Leena will not learn this yet: she will be forced to confront her brother in the later phase of the campaign in Emer.


4Ÿ the southern coast

The party should be traveling another two days before reaching the coast. GMs can feel free to roll encounters for this time. Civilized encounters should be treated as ‘no encounter’ or simply signs that someone has been there - an old campsite, broken equipment, etc.

n PC Roll: Light (+10) Observation to hear the single figure gaining rapidly on the rear of the party.

Successful party members that react quickly after making their roll can surprise the young, haggard-looking woman breaking through the underbrush. She is Laan, standing 5’9" in the tattered remnants of some sort of uniform. Her broadsword is gripped in one hand and one thigh has been crudely bandaged. (She is presently down 20 hits).

Assuming the party does not slay the young woman instantly, she will offer to talk to the strange group of people, seeing some hope in recovering her ship. Given the chance, this is her tale:

"My name is Cassia Tendes. I’m the first mate of the Cloudminder, a skyship registered out of Eidolon. We where returning from northern Tanara when we were hit hard by a storm. We were blown off course and had damage to our sails so we set down for repairs… It should have been a quick stop… (She hesitates) The pirates were all over us in seconds. We didn’t see them coming. The Captain… he took a knife in the… I should have taken command, but it was hopeless, so I… I ran. When I looked back, the ship was swarming with those scum, herding my men into the cargo hold. The survivors, that is. There was this huge man, dressed in black with a White Swan on his chest, that waded through my men. He’s the main reason I haven’t gone back on my own.

Look, the repairs are almost done to my ship. Maybe a day at most before they sail out of here and abandon me. Will you help me get my ship back? [And if they hesitate] The owners, the Maari-Tasaka, may reward you if you want to come to Eidolon. Please. Will you help me?"

If the characters don’t agree to help, she will leave and try something on her own - probably sneaking on board and stowing away, attempting to free the crew in flight. If the characters agree to help, she will take them to a hilltop to observe the camp. From there, plans can be made.


On blueberry hill…

GM Note: No map is provided. Please sketch a rough one based on the discription below before playing this part.

The hilltop the characters are taken to has excellent cover, provided by some large, wild blueberry bushes. They can observe the goings on with little fear of discovery from a mere 500’ away. There is a large semi-permanent camp, some docks with a sea-vessel, a few guards and the Cloudminder. The Cloudminder is hovering 12’ off the ground, with two huge ropes that are tied around two trees on the sandy shore.

The infamous Jerel, the "White Swan", can be seen practicing his swordplay against three of his men inside the camp. He constantly practices not only to improve his skill in broadsword, but at how good he looks wielding his blade. The PC with the most skill should be informed that Jerel is an expert with his blade and there is grave doubts that any in the party could face him. (This is the purpose of Jerel’s practice is looking good, he wants to intimidate any who would challenge him).

The camp numbers around 200 men and another 80 followers (craftsmen, wives, camp followers) and another 18 raggedy looking children who seem to spend most of their time running around yelling. There is a healthy mix of Dyar and Shay here, and the two groups are completely intermingled. Guards are loosely spaced about the camp watching the forest. They take no effort to conceal themselves and are relatively lax.

The docks is occupied by the White Feather, a sea-going pirate vessel, sleek and efficient looking. There are 2d5 pirates on deck at any one time, doing minor repairs and replacing some lines. (Unknown to the PCs, there are always another 4d5 men below decks should they try anything with this ship; although half are usually asleep as they don’t live permanently in the camp.)

The Cloudminder is positioned over the beach merely 120’ from the edge of the camp. Two huge ropes are tied to old trees to keep her position. There is a loose cluster of 3 men near each tree acting as guards for the prize. They mostly sit on the sands and talk. Sometimes they will draw a checkerboard in the sand and use shells. On the main decks of the Cloudminder is another 4 pirates who spend their time intimidating the 4 prisoners into doing the final minor repairs. They are often not in sight of one another, but the volume of noise from any particular pirate might be noticed as missing by the others in about 3-5 rounds, should any PC take one out quietly. Below decks, there are two pirates guarding the main cargo hold where the other 13 surviving crewmen are. The door is locked but one of the guards has the key. One of the prisoners has a broken leg, two are newly conscious and at 10 hits, the others are fine. A Hard (-10) Public Speaking will get them to fight, Medium (0) if weapons are supplied, Routine (+30) if Cassia is there. The guards on this boat are relieved every five hours. A rope ladder is lowered to the sand at that time.


The attack!

GMs are going to have to wing it. Any plan involving confronting Jerel directly would be vetoed by Cassia, she doesn’t want that risk added to an already dangerous mission. As it is so open-ended, the players plan should have a big effect on the experience given for this part of the adventure.

Presumably, it should go something like this… Players somehow sneak, fly, get on board; kill the pirates, free the prisoners, get the ship to lift off, kill/drop the couple of pirates that may be clinging to the ropes or their own rope/grappling hook, get hit a couple of times by Jerel’s amulet, and sail away as Jerel vows his vengence.


stats for part 4

Name Lvl AT(DB) Hits Shld Melee OB Missile OB Mov

Cassia Tendes 6 1(15/35) 85 Y+5* 99 Brdswd 35 Thr Dagger 15 Laan Fighter, Swim40, Brawl20, Gamb15, Ldrshp40, Nav60, Sail75, Signal15, Trade54, WeathWatch65, * owns a +5wm Main Guache as a shield.

Cassia’s Crew 3 1(10) 45 N 45 Shtswd none 10 Also uses Melee LH Dagger15, Sail40, Trade25, Nav25.

Jerel 15 11(55) 115 Y+10* 135 Brdswd 85 Dagger 20 Dyar Rogue known as the White Swan, Swim45, Brawl60, Ldrshp80, Nav80, Sail75, Signal45, Trade70, WeathWatch80, +25 Brdswd, enchanted tunic of AT5 acts as AT11, Amulet that allows 3 firebolts/day at +60 to 300’, no range penalties.

Pirates, Shay 3 1(5/25) 55 Y 50 Rapier 25 Dagger 10

Pirates, Dyar 3 1(20/40) 42 Y 45 Rapier 30 Dagger 15 Both pirates use bucklers, and there is a 50% chance of meeting either type.

5Ÿ Flight from urulan

The PCs escape aboard the captured skyship, hopefully with enough crew to man the sails, etc. If more that 3 crew are dead or out of service, the PCs will have to help out during a few shifts. Cassia will explain to the PCs that the ship is going straight home to report and acquire more crew. She may confess her hopes of being named captain if she is getting along especially well with a particular PC. (Perhaps now is the time for Tyrus to lose that stutter! Wink, wink.) Mostly, the voyage will be fairly boring. Birds will follow the ship from time to time, especially the gulls hoping for garbage to be thrown overboard.


encounter: an airbarge

About half way back to Eidolon the Cloudminder will meet up with the Silver Cloud. The Silver Cloud is a Loari Skybarge out of Namar-Tol, laden with her cargo of 58 mercenaries picked up in Lethys. This airbarge is 310’ in length, 100’ wide, is 807 tonnes, with 8 airscrews and a crew of 72. She can carry up to 106 passengers (presently only the 58 mercenaries and 13 passengers) and enough cargo storage to keep any passenger happy. She cruises at the leisurely speed of 8 mph.

Cassia will ask permission to briefly tie in along side, for the opportunity to trade for some extra rope and sail patches. She won’t sail along with the slower airbarge, as Cassia hopes to make the best possible speed home and the Silver Cloud is on its way back to Namar-Tol. Players can visit the other ship or even meet some of her more curious passengers during this two hour interlude… The crew of the Silver Cloud is completely Loari and will be friendly as long as the PCs don’t try to inspect their unusual steam engines that power the airscrews. They will be interested in stories from the PCs (Med Tale Telling gets you a couple of silver), and will buy most interesting items costing less than 2 gold.

The Captain of the Silver Cloud will be too busy to meet with the PCs but First Mate Zelinda will jaw with the PCs for information and possibly items. She is looking for potions that are somewhat combat oriented as well as anything capable of sending fire to an enemy vessel without using Attunement skill. She has 366 gold and a couple of items to sell or trade: +15m Long Kynac that Slays Lugroki, Ring of Lores (+5 to General Lore category), Scroll of Icebolt. How she got any of these items is NOT up for discussion.

The mercenaries are an infantry company made up exclusively of 6’6"+ Zorans. These huge men will be interested in minor combat magical items (they can’t afford better) and one is willing to sell a +5wm dagger cheap. They will pay 150% of the going value for bonus battle axes, Composite bows, or shortswords. The leader of the company, Vak One-Hand (he has two!), will attempt to hire Tyrus or anyone with significant healing skills. The pay isn’t that great, and shouldn’t interest any in the party.

Of the 13 passengers, GMs should feel free to add whatever color they want. Perhaps the opportunity for a liaison, gambling, or simply bragging. One passenger is detailed next…

Bhon Boes is a half-Dyari, half-Durnaki male who lives with neither society. He is armed with 2 +10wm Long kynacs, 4 +15wm kynacs, AT4 with 10 DB built in, a hidden red laen kynac that can be thrown 150’ without range penalty, hits on the firebolt table and returns to hand after throwing. He sells amulets that are supposedly charms against demons (supposedly extra DB and you are harder to find). The amulets have been enchanted to detect as such, and only a Very Hard (-20) power perception or the right use of spells will detect the fraud. They are on ‘sale’ for 100gp because he is ‘desparate’ for cash. He claims that evil minions hunt him at every corner and he needs the money for some more bodyguards. If the party is especially foolish, he will play on their hero status and get extra money donated to him so that ‘he can do some more good’.

Once this encounter is played out, the ship continues on to Sel-kai without further incident. GMs that are interested may roll regular random encounters for another 4 days.



End of Part XIV