Servitors of Reann

Reann maintains a host on Orhan, the members of which have been recruited from his most devoute followers up through the ages. These individuals have devoted themselves to eternal vigilance and struggle at Reann's side. It is possible for loyal followers to summon these servitors in order to enlist their assistance.

Servitor types

Reann values personal initiative, and he allows his servitors and spirits much personal freedom. For this reason, Reann's servitors retain all the memories and feelings of their life in the world. They also retain their skills, their prejudices and their predispositions. This has become a central concern when allocating tasks for them to perform. While there are some very thematic and robot-like servitors, almost all those designated as "champions" are fully individual characters of their own right and no two are the same. Given the nature of Reann's followers, some general types are more common than others and it makes most sense to classify them along the general lines of Rolemaster professions.

The general servitor types are as follows;

Champion servitors

Highly devout individuals that have accepted Reann's offer for ascension into the divine ranks, champions retain all their original traits in addition to those awarded to them by their divine nature. When detailing a champion, the Game Master should do it in much the same manner as he creates an NPC. The general spread of profession type is;
Profession typeRoll d100
Pure Arms Warrior01-10
Semi Non-Warrior11-15
Non-Paladin Semi Warrior31-35
Pure Channeling Priest/Cleric36-55
Other Pure Channeling56-65
Non-Channeling Priest66-75
Non-Channeling Pure76-80
Channeling Hybrid81-85
Non-Channeling Hybrid86-90
Pure Arms Non-Warrior91-98
A summoner may attempt to influence the type of champion summoned. This calls for application of the Spell Mastery skill. If a champion is known by name, he may be requested specifically, but there is a flat 25% that he is simply not available and in this case, no one will appear at all (PPs are still spent).

Champions come in all sizes. The level is determined by the summoned entity type as given in the entity type/level conversion charts.

Guardian servitors

Guardian servitors appear to be much more mindless than champions. They appear to be single-minded automatons that fulfill their one task and that one task only. They may have a multitude of origins, some of which are listed below. This is not, however, an exhaustive list.

Guardian servitors are imbued with special powers by Reann and are trained for their task. It is twofold; first to ensure restful sleep and second to guard the sleep of their charges. The Guardians are incorporeal entities and cannot be seen without the aid of magic. They have the power to ward off any effect that would otherwise interfere with fitful sleep in their immediate area. They also stand vigilant guard against intrusion and instantly awaken their charges should danger approach.

It is not normally possible to communicate with Guardians. They will simply appear and start on their task immediately. They will make a judgement call as to who is a member of the summoner's party (generally anyone in the immediate vicinity) and will project an aura of sleepiness over these people. A Guardian will leave after its charges have had a fitful sleep. They tend to get annoyed if the summoner(s) make serious attempts to communicate (generally requires some magical means) and this may cause them to leave prematurely.

Guardian servitors come in all sizes, from level 1, type I entities up to level 40, type VI entities. The level of the Guardian determines the level that must be overcome for anyone to intrude on the sleep of those being guarded, and the Guardian uses an Awareness skill of five times its level to detect anyone attempting to approach the sleepers.

Transport servitors

Not really "servitors" as such, these are either Erasta or Erastkin (see here) that can be summoned to provide transportation. They will tend to stay with the summoner for an extended period of time, unless mistreated or severely injured.

Erastkin are type V and type VI entities, while Erasta are types II through IV.