Dream Traveller

Cleric Base, Channeling

This list facilitates travel through the dream world. It lets the spell caster move his mind into the realm of dreams and it makes it easier for him to move around once there.

LevelSpellArea Of EffectDurationRangeType
1Enter Dreams IselfCselfUm
2Remember Dream1 dreamPtouchUm
3Visit Dreams Iself1 min/levelselfUm
4Seek Dream Iself-selfUm
5Travel Link I1 targetspecialtouchUm
6Mold Mind Vself-selfUm
7Enter Dreams IIselfCselfUm
8Travel Link V5 targetsspecial10'Um
9Visit Dreams IIself10 min/levelselfUm
10Remainself1 min/levelselfFm
11Mold Mind Xself-selfUm
12Dream Agent1 targetCtouchFm
13Seek Dream Vself-selfUm
14Resist ConceptselfspecialselfFm
15Travel Link True1 target/levelspecial100'Um
16Filter DreamsselfCselfUm
17Hideself1 round/levelselfF
18Visit Dreams IIIself1 hour/levelselfUm
19Avoid Visitorsself1 min/levelselfU
20Dream Army1 target/levelC100'Fm
25Seek Dream Trueself-selfUm
30Mold Mind Trueself-selfUm

1. Enter Dreams I

This spell gives the caster a weak mental link into the dream world through which he can navigate dreams. The link does not yield much in the way of details, and precise identification of objects within the dream world is impossible. Only general ideas are transmitted. The skill "Area Knowledge: Dream World" is used to navigate the dream world, but a penalty of -20 is applied due to the low quality of the link. Note that the maintaining of concentration on this spell may cause additional negative modifiers to be applied to the navigation skill roll, as well as other activities undertaken within dreams.

2. Remember Dream

The caster memorizes the nature and contents of one dream in order to use other spells on this list on that dream later. Even if the dream has ended, this spell can be useful should that dream come again. It is therefore mostly useful for long dreams or recurring dreams. The caster can memorize any number of dreams by the use of this spell.

3. Visit Dreams I

As Enter Dreams I except for duration.

4. Seek Dream I

Can only be cast on dreams that are remembered as per the spell "Remember Dream". The spell will mold the caster's mind so that one single concept from the target dream will be present in his mind at the appropriate size. This will effectively bring the caster "closer" to that dream.

5. Travel Link I

Caster links his mind to the target (who must be awake at the time of casting), allowing the target to travel into the dream world together with the caster, and molding the state of his own mind in synchronization with the caster. In effect, the target becomes a hitchhiker on the caster's journey into the dream world. While the target will have freedom of action and movement within the environment of any one dream, his state of mind is inextricably linked to that of the caster, and so his travel between different dreams is also linked to that of the caster. Any successful attempt by the target to change his own state of mind will break the spell and thrust him back into the waking world. The duration of the spell is so long as the caster remains within the dream world, or 2 minutes if the caster has not yet entered it. This means that the caster can cast this spell upon a target and wait up to two minutes before entering the dream world. The caster can cast this spell on multiple targets and take them all with him.

6. Mold Mind V

Caster introduces, removes, strengthens or weakens one single dream concept in his own state of mind. A newly introduced concept must enter at size 1-5. An already existing one can be strengthened or weakened by 5 sizes. One that is size 5 or smaller can be removed entirely. This can be used to bring the caster's state of mind closer to that of his target dream.

7. Enter Dreams II

As Enter Dreams I, except the dream world is experienced with great clarity and there is no special penalty to interacting with it. There may still be a penalty for maintaining concentration on this spell though.

8. Travel Link V

As Travel Link I, except for area of effect.

9. Visit Dreams II

As Enter Dreams II, except for duration.

10. Remain

Caster roots himself firmly within a dream. Any attempt to dislodge the caster or visitors "Travel Linked" to him will face a -50 penalty to doing so.

11. Mold Mind X

As Mold Mind V, except any existing concept can be removed regardless of size, any new concept can be introduced to any size and any existing concept can be resized to any size.

12. Dream Agent

As Visit Dreams I, except for area of effect.

13. Seek Dream V

As Seek Dream I, except up to five concepts are put in place.

14. Resist Concept

The caster must choose one specific concept that is not currently present within his frame of mind. Any attempt to introduce that concept upon the caster will suffer a -50 penalty. The duration lasts so long as the caster remains within the dream world or until the concept is successfully forced upon the caster.

15. Travel Link True

As Travel Link I, except for area of effect.

16. Filter Dreams

Gives the caster mental images of a whole specter of active dreams that match his current state of mind. This spell effectively negates the need for the caster to actually visit a myriad of dreams to find one specific target dream. He will only need to get to one out of the myraid if similar dreams and then employ this spell. Note that the maintaining of concentration of this spell does not give penalties to any skill checks used to filter out the dreams.

17. Hide

The caster becomes difficult to detect by normal means within the dream world. Any attempts to detect him will suffer a -70 (Sheer Folly) penalty.

18. Visit Dreams III

As Visit Dreams II except for duration.

19. Avoid Visitors

For the duration of this spell, the caster will be predisposed towards entering dreams that do not contain overt visitors. Covert visitors may reduce the probability of being avoided, depending upon the quality of their covertness. Any dream with visitors in it that would otherwise have been chosen as the caster's next dream has a base 95% chance of not being entered and the caster will end up in another similar dream in stead. The caster does not know when this has happened.

20. Dream Army

As Dream Agent, except for area of effect and range.

25. Seek Dream True

As Seek Dream I, except all dream concepts are put into place, thereby putting the caster's state of mind in exact sync with the remembered dream.

30. Mold Mind True

As Mold Mind X, except can affect any number of dream concepts in one go.

50. Preparation

While under the influence of this spell, the caster may cast any "Seek Dream" and "Mold Mind" spells on this list without first entering the dream world. He must still cast them normally and pay the power point costs, etc. Concentration on the maintenance of this spell does not negatively affect his ability to cast such spells. What this spell gives the caster is basically a way of achieving the correct mental state before entering the dream world, thereby potentially avoiding a lot of grief.

Special Notes:

1. All "Seek Dream" and "Mold Mind" spells on this list require the caster to already be within the dream world. The 50th level spell "Preparation" negates this requirement.