Reann, Lord of Dreams

Reann is the God of night and of dreams in the Shadow World. He is a benign god and a very proactive one. His hatred of those who would pollute his beautiful night is legion, and he often travels the face of the world in pursuit of the undead.

Reann's purpose

This topic is treated in detail in appropriate ICE/Shadow World products and I will not dwell on it here.

Reann cults

Reann has many followings in Kulthea, but they are not very well organised. That is, they is little central organisation, and each cult tends to be a self-contained entity. Many are not even actively aware of other Reann cults. They tend to form in areas where the forces of darkness, and in particular the presence of undeath, are strong and devote their time to fighting these menaces. In areas where the need is not so great, people tend to follow the more peaceful-oriented gods and all that remains of Reann worship is focused on the more abstract realms of night and sleep. These more peaceful Reann cults tend to be considered by common folk as smaller, less important sects and their impact on society is accordingly small.

Religious tenets

Reann is a very practical-minded deity. He imposes very few, if any, tenets that cannot be broken for the sake of expedience. He realises better than most of the Lords of Orhan that in the face of the real world, religious tenets can get in the way of getting a job done. This does not mean that followers are permitted to jeopordize morals or ethics imposed by the religion, but Reann can be very lax in enforcing etiquette. Reann priests have few problems donning Scalu vestment and chanting from the writings of evil gods (unless it involves actual channeling of power) so long as it moves them further towards the goal of an important quest. Most of the other Lords of Orhan would consider such an act the utmost sacrilege.

The more active Reann cults will tend to have adopted Reann's practical nature. The more passive (and often more urban) sects, however, are prone to impose much stricter etiquette on their members. In many ways, this is a natural way that organised religions go in order to maintain some degree of control over their congregation. Lacking the need for expediency faced by their more militant brethren, they do not have much to counteract this tendency. This leads to a situation in which the more passive cults will look upon a militant one with a degree of disgust - they may consider the latter to be barbaric and primitive in their approach towards the religion. This can lead to a variety of situations, ranging from well-meaning missionary work in order to stear the barbarians towards the "right path", through frequent verbal conflict and even to outright hostilities. When the latter comes to pass, Reann has been known to intervene, Excommunicating offenders left right and center. He has little patience for those who would needlessly divert his attention from the constant struggle against undeath.

Those tenets that do exist will tend to be along the following lines;

Servitors of Reann

Reann maintains a host on Orhan, the members of which have been recruited from his most devoted followers up through the ages. These individuals have devoted themselves to eternal vigilance and struggle at Reann's side. It is possible for devout followers to summon these servitors in order to enlist their assistance. Normal entity summoning spells are used for this purpose. Summoned servitors will tend to be predisposed towards helpfulness, but they are still subject to individual whims and may need persuading, depending on the task given to them. The use of "Control Entity" type spells to temporarily enslave a servitor is frowned upon and while Reann himself may not take action after such abuse, it will undoubtably make future servitors much less helpfully inclined towards the follower.

Greater Spirits

Reann is closely associated with two Greater Spirits of Orhan. These spirits both have their own purpose, but they willingly serve Reann as they perceive that his goal lies in the same direction as theirs do.


Erast is an ancient spirit that represents the embodiment of the "riding animal" concept. Most often taking the form of a horse, it will appear in other forms for cultures who use other riding animals. Reann rides a child of Erast into battle, a white unicorn with a silver horn.


Vargam is a young spirit, but an immensely powerful one. It is the product of the pain and suffering caused by the Unlife and it possesses a terrible anger. The spirit grows stronger with each horror inflicted by the Unlife and with each life taken by it. Vargam can be called upon to inflict terrible devastation to centers of Unlife activity. Vargam is rarely capable of rational action or any kind of precision. If such is required, it must be guided by others and this is possible only with great difficulty. Vargam can be called upon to possess a follower, who can then pinpoint the position of Vargam's fury by moving himself to that location. When the full power of Vargam finally materialises, it is invariably as a huge fireball capable of obliterating entire cities. After such a display of force, Vargam's fury is spent and it takes some time for it to "recharge", during which time it acts a lot more rationally than usual.

General cult types

While the nature of the Reann cults is as varied as they are numerous, they will most often fit into the following categories.

Passive Cult of Reann

This cult is either the remains of an Active cult, after the area has been at rest for an extended period of time, or it is a by-product of a general Orhan movement.

In the first case, the cult grows increasingly less militant and more passive as its more military sides become in less demand. It might either grow into a dreamlord cult that spawns a very sleep and dream oriented culture (in which case the cult becomes a very important one) or it could be reduced into a sleep and dream cult that is regarded as "less important" by the populace.

In the second case, a Reann cult is established as a side effect of Orhanian teachings in general coming into popular use. Someone is bound to find out sooner or later that there is a dream-god in the pantheon and start a following. In most cases, it will turn into a less frequently worshipped deity that sees some use in connection with dream interpretation and sleeping disorders.

The Passive cult will tend to develop much church doctrine that followers will need to adopt.

Active Cult of Reann

This kind of cult has often been established from necessity. The immediate area is under threat from undeath, unlife or other classical Reann enemies, and the cult has been formed or imported to combat this. The cult is very active and has very capable members with much field experience. There is little excess doctrine in the cult, and in many ways it is closer to Reann's basic nature than the Passive cult.

Cult of Erast

Mostly found in nomadic cultures or other cultures that value their riding beasts highly, this cult worships Erast and may not even have heard of Reann. In those cases where they know of Reann, they may regard him as little else than Erast's servant. This doesn't worry Reann much. In some cases, the culture worships Erast only because of their love of their riding beasts. These cults are at one end of a scale in which Erast is deity in itself. Shadow World being what it is, however, a good few of these cultures do have serious trouble with the Unlife and they will tend towards Reann worship in proportion to the amount of trouble they have. They may still not realise the true relationship between Reann and Erast though and may simply see Reann as Erast's spirit for combat prowess.

Reann-specific Spells

Reann offers to his followers a number of spell lists pertaining to the manipulation of dreams. They integrate very tightly with the Dream World, which is described here. The spell lists can be found here.
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