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The Grand Campaign A 'railroaded' campaign that takes the characters to various interesting places on Jaiman doing epic stuff.
Gryphon College I am currently working on fleshing out the Gryphon College located on Jaiman (see the Jaiman book from ICE). This page is where you can stay updated on the development. There will be incomplete and unfinished sections as it is a work very much in progress. And I welcome suggestions!
Reann I use Reann, Lord of Dreams, extensively in my campaigns. Some of my material has been put down on paper (well, harddisk) and you will find it behind the above link. Hidden in there are also links to Reann spells and the Dream World.
Lankanok Having acquired an interest in the Lankan Empire in one of my campaigns, and not having the time to wait for the official version, I have done some work on them little buggers.
Distance to The Horizon From time to time, it is of interest to know how far away it is physically possible to spot someone or something. Given perfect atmospheric conditions and no intervening obstacles, the maximum distance is governed by the distance to the horizon. In this document is a table containing such information for Kulthea as well as instructions on how to use the table.
Reviews I have written reviews for a few of the products in the Shadow World series, here they are;
Curse of Kabis
Nomads of the Nine Nations
Emer I
Coinages An almost-complete list of the various coinages that can be found in the Shadow World books.
Languages An almost-complete list of the various languages that can be found in the Shadow World books.
SW Homepage This is the Shadow World homepage of the author of the setting, Terry Kevin Amthor. Definately a must-see for fans!
Rolemaster stuff A link to my Rolemaster resources. Should be interesting for RM players and perhaps others.

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