Silly spells

Not all Rolemaster spells are entirely comprehensible, for a variety of reasons. Below I detail a few that I have spotted that appear to have severe defeciencies in the reality-check-department.

Mending Ways, mend thyself!

Essence Companion has a list called "Mending Ways". In special note 3 on this list, it explicitly says that the complete casting of any spell from the list takes 1 minute per level of the spell. In other words, casting the 10th level spells requires 10 minutes of continuous activity.

The 50th level spell on this list follows a familiar pattern: "Mending Mastery" allows you to cast one lower-level spell per round for the duration of the "Mending Mastery" spell. "Heeey!" I hear every entrepeneuring maintenance professional out there exclaiming, before I promptly kill all enthusiasm by pointing out that the spell only has a 10 minute duration. So, for the cheap cost of only 50 power points I could cast the "Spell Mastery" spell, the effect of which I could use to cast, for instance: one "Mend Common Stone" (10); or perhaps a "Mend Parchment" (2) and one "Mend Horn/Bone/Antler" (8); or any combination of spells that takes a total of 10 minutes. And would normally have cost a total of 10 power points to cast.

Remind me again what those 50 power points sunk into the "Mending Mastery" bought me exactly? :-)

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