Sand Law

Mage Base, Essence
LevelSpellArea Of EffectDurationRangeType
1Sandwalkingcaster10 min/lvlselfU
2Erase TracksspecialCselfU
3Dig IspecialP100'F
4Churning Dust10'x10'x5'1 rd/lvl50'E
5Sand Dune IspecialP50'E
6Shelterspecial12 hourstouchF
7Dig IIspecialP150'F
8Sand Towerspecial1 rd/lvl (C)selfE
9Breathe Sand1 person1 hr/lvltouchU
10Sand Carriesspecial10 min/lvlselfF
11Dig IIIspecialP200'F
12Sand Blast1 target-100'BE
13Quicksand1000 cu'1 min/lvl100'E
14Sand Dune IIspecialP100'E
15Burrowcaster1 rd/lvlselfE
16Earth to Sand10,000 cu'PtouchF
17Sanding1 target-100'DE
18Bury1 targetP200'E
19Sand Castlespecial24 hours50'E
20Sand Storm100'R1 min/lvl500'E
30Stone to Sand1,000/10,000 cu'PtouchF
50Spread Desert1 mile RPselfF

1. Sandwalking

The caster can walk on sand as if it were packed earth. He leaves no traces.

2. Erase Tracks

Erases all tracks, including those made by others, behind the caster in a 20' wide swath as long as he concentrates.

3. Dig I

Will make an up to 20' deep pit in sand. The pit is dug conically so that the sides do not collapse, even without magic. Normally, wind and shifting earth will cause the pit to be filled in in a matter of days.

4. Churning Dust

Causes a 10' by 10' by 5' wall of churning sand and dust to rise. Gives 80 to missile attacks, -40 to melee attacks and visibility is limited (-50 to visual skills/checks).

5. Sand Dune I

Will throw up a sand dune, 10' high in the middle, 10'-20' wide and 30' to 50' long, sloping away at the ends. The dune has equally sloping sides, although an Easy Spell Mastery can make one side steeper than the other.

6. Shelter

Will make an foxhole in sand, 5' by 10', 5' high and a 3' opening. It will hold during sandstorms. The walls are insulating, so the experienced desert-traveller will make it early in the morning so it keeps cool during the day, or early in the evening, so it stays warm during night,

7. Dig II

As Dig I, but the pit will be 40' deep.

8. Sand Tower

The spell forms a cylinder of sand, 30' tall and 5' wide. If the caster casts it under his feet, it will carry him up with it. It will hold for the duration without concentration, but if it is attacked or in other ways being actively weakened, concentration will be needed to keep it from collapsing.

9. Breathe Sand

Allows target to breathe under sand as if in air. The target must have a mouth cover, to stop mouth filling with sand.

10. Sand Carries

This will make the surface of the sand around the caster in a 20' radius harden enough to carry a pack animal with a rider. As the caster moves, new areas will be subjected to the spell for the duration (10 min/lvl). This hardness will last for 1 round/level. All tracks will be erased when the effect wears off.

11. Dig III

As Dig I, except pit will be 60' deep.

12. Sand Blast

Gathers up sand and hurls it at a target; attack is resolved on Water Ball attack table.

13. Quicksand

This will make a 10' by 10' patch of sand into quicksand. It will be roughly 10' deep, if the sand goes that deep. The time needed to form the quicksand varies from 3 rounds to 20 minutes, depending on the amount of water nearby and the air moisture. Spells from Water Law or similar lists can cut the time considerably, though not under 3 rounds. (If the full time required is not spent, the fraction of time taken is proportional to the depth of the quicksand.) The water will evaporate according to local conditions.

14. Sand Dune II

As Sand Dune I, except dune is 20' high, 20'-40' wide and 50' to 100' long.

15. Burrow

Allows caster to dig through sand at a rate of 5'/round. The tunnel will be 5' wide. It will hold for the duration of the spell.

16. Earth to Sand

This spell will turn 10,000 cubic feet of earth to sand. The spell will draw the water out of the earth; the caster must give a location for the water to be deposited, otherwise it will pool on top of the sand.

17. Sanding

The caster directs a stream of sand onto the target. The stream can cover a circle with a radius of 2'. If used offensively, the attack is resolved on the Fire Bolt table, with Unbalancing criticals instead of Heat. The damage given is divided between the target himself and the armor he's wearing. Every round the stream is centered on the target counts as a new attack.

18. Bury

This spell will bury the target at a rate of 100 cubic feet per round. The target must fit inside a circle with a radius of 50'. The caster must concentrate each round; otherwise the target will stop sinking. The spell can sink the target 40' below ground level, but only if there is sand down that far. Is the target cannot sink anymore, further concentration will heap sand onto the target until a 40' tall sand hill has built up.

19. Sand Castle

This spell allows the caster to make a number of sandwalls. The caster can make sandwalls of 15' height, 2' thick and up to 200' long in any shape; OR, the caster can cast the spell on up to four sand dunes created by Sand Dune spells, in which case the dunes are shaped into walls that are double the height of the dune, same length and 5' thick.

20. Sand Storm

A sand storm is created in the area of effect. At it's most effective, when cast in a desert, visibility is 2', speed is reduced to a tenth, all missile attacks suffer a 100 penalty, all melee Attacks a 50 penalty and everyone in the area must make a RR vs 1st level or suffer an A Heat Critical. In other terrains, the effectiveness of the spell lessens: Half effect in plains, quarter effect in grasslands, hills or mountains, no effect in swamps or at sea. A Sheer Folly Spell Mastery might make the spell work in a snowfield, creating a Snow Storm with the same effects, except Cold instead of Heat Criticals. Finally, if spell is cast in a natural sandstorm, the effect is at least doubled, the details are left to the GMs imagination.

25. Harden

A mass of sand is compressed into sandstone. This is done by drawing more sand in, so the volume remains the same. The volume of effect is 1000 cubic feet unless it is cast on something created by a lower level spell on this list within a minute after the target has reached the desired form, in which case it works on the entire structure. For Shelter, Burrow and the Dig spells, this spells compresses the surrounding sand to a depth of one foot.

30. Stone to Sand

Turns 1000 cubic feet of stone to sand unless cast on sandstone in which case 10,000 cubic feet crumbles becomes sand again.

50. Spread Desert

Sets the area of effect (1 mile radius around caster) on the way to become a desert. Water evaporates, streams are led underground, grass dies, roots wither, etc. Larger growths and trees might get a RR on the GMs discretion. If the area is tended by an animist, druid, nature deity or something similar, the entire area gets a RR, using the level of the animist etc. If it is tended by a skilled gardenerer without magical skills, the area gets a RR using level 1. This spell does not keep the area dry after the spell is cast. If it rains frequently and heavily, the area will become a large mud hole.

Special Notes:

1. Unless otherwise specified, all spells that create something out of sand need to have sufficient supplies of sand in the caster's immediate area.