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A level-less Rolemaster These are the rules I use when I run level-less Rolemaster, which is what I usually do. Well, ok, so I always do that. If nothing else, they should provide inspiration for anyone who has grown tired of ep and levels, as I have.
Various recipes and utilities This page describes some useful tricks for users of the Rolemaster system.
Interesting spell uses Some Rolemaster spells can work really really well in combination with other spells, or they may have non-obvious yet highly useful applications. I expand on a few in this document.
Silly spells Not all Rolemaster spells are entirely comprehensible, for a variety of reasons. In this document I detail a few that I have spotted that appear to have severe defeciencies in the reality-check-department.
A spell list markup language If you have no idea what i am talking about in the following sentences, either just ignore me or look up on XML. In the course of making some spell lists for Reann (look here), I developed a simple markup language for Rolemaster spell lists. You will find an empty spell list template here and a stylesheet (XSLT) here. Let me know if you have questions or suggestions for enhancements/improvements.
Spell List: Sand Law Designed by P.H. Bongo as a replacement for Ice Law for desert-dwelling mages and possibly somewhat altered by yours truly. The list may change without warning, so if you intend to use it, make a local copy to avoid nasty surprises. [HTML] [XML]
Detective Stories Detectives in a Rolemaster setting have their own unique problems. Here are some stories about PIs Jonas and Par'gan and the challenges they face from day to day.
A summoning ritual for the Wild Hunt I put together this on an idle day, could be useful for someone. Basically, it describes the major parts involved in the ritual to summon the 'Wild Hunt', a pack of undead creatures described in C&TI and C&M from ICE.
RMSS Spell Lists These are plain ASCII documents containing all lists of spells in the RMSS Spell Law. They do not contain spell descriptions, just the listings. I didn't make these files and I have no idea who did.
[channeling] [essence] [mentalism]
The World of Novi Lowell Matthews <> has created a series of extensive documents for his campaign world, the World of Novi. Several of these should be useful for other GMs, either as they are or perhaps in slightly modified form.
There are two herb lists, these contain herbs from Character Law and Rolemaster Companion I (both trademarks of Iron Crown Enterprises) with added botanical information. The first lists them in order of category, the second in alphabetical order.
There are two lists for heraldry, one is a heraldic dictionary, the other is a list of arms.
Two files for spell lists; the first describes how the spells from Spell Law are used in the World of Novi. It will eventually include all spells from the RM2 books that Lowell owns. This includes Spell Law, Rolemaster Companion 1-5 and 7, Spell Users' Companion and the Oriental Companion. The other file describes additional spell lists for the world.
One file with the races for the world. [RACES]
And finally, a file with new professions. [PROFNEW]
All the above files are ASCII text files formatted with 62 rows per page. What this means is that if you want to print them out, use 62 lines per page. If you have access to the Unix program 'a2ps', use the following command line to create a nice postscript file:
a2ps -l62 oldfile.txt >
Programs A few programs I made (well, I am sure more will come some time soon ...);
Herbs script - a perl script that takes the above HERBS1 file and lets you list herbs from various simple criteria. This program is very user-unfriendly but (for me) very efficient. Also in the zip file is a script that converts the herbs.txt file into another file that can be used by the main script. This program should never be used in a cgi-bin script or similiar.
Rolemaster resources Jonas Persson has a page with lots of RM-related links. Go take a look for yourself!
ICE's Rolemaster site This is the official Rolemaster site of the publisher, Iron Crown Enterprises. Some nice stuff here.
Shadow World stuff A link to my Shadow World resources. You might find some interesting material here, do drop by!

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