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Forslag til engelsk oversettelse

I tilfelle noen med moderator-rettigheter skulle finne på å oppdatere siden med det første


The membership fee is 50.00 NOK per year. It is alos possible to become a lifetime member by paying 1024.00 NOK a single time. The fee is paid to the account 86011116916. The payment has to be labeled with the username.

It is possible to pay for several years at the same time by paying a complete multiple of 50 NOK.

If you are wondering why you are paying the fee, see the member benefits page.

The fee is registered in the members database, and it is advisable to check that the payment has shown up here (note that there can be some time from when you pay till the treasurer has been notified about it, and then some time before the treasurer enters the payment into the book keeping and memers database).

For exact details on the rules of the payment of the membership fee, see the membership fee rules.

Payment in cash

At some events payment is accepted in cash. It is normally not possible to pay in cash by showing up at PVV in person, exceptions are made for special cases such as exchange students.