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(Forslag til engelsk oversettelse)
(NVG har overtatt NTNUs news-tjeneste.)
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Forslag til engelsk oversettelse om noen med moderatorrettingheter noen sinne ser dette:
Fint om noen med moderatorrettigheter kan bytte ut:
= English =
<blockquote>NTNUs news-server (news.ntnu.no).</blockquote>
Programvareverkstedet (PVV, the programming workshop) is an organization for students that take an interest in computers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
= Contact information =
<blockquote>NVGs news-server (news.nvg.ntnu.no).</blockquote>
== Postal addres ==
(husk den engelske siden også).
Postboks 16, Sentralbygg 2<br>
7491 Trondheim
== Email addresses ==
All email addresses end in <b>@pvv.ntnu.no</b>. The most interesting addresses are
* <b>styret</b> which goes to the members of the board.
* <b>drift</b> which goes to all the members of the administration.
* <b>cert</b> for things that concern computer security.
* <b>aktive</b> which is the mailing list of all active PVV-ers.
== World Wide Web ==
The homepage of PVV is found at http://www.pvv.ntnu.no/
== News ==
PVV has newsgroups that are accessible from NUST's news-server (news.ntnu.no). These groups are local and are not forwarded to usenet.
* news:ntnu.stud.pvv.announce
* news:ntnu.stud.pvv.discuss
* news:ntnu.stud.pvv.drift
== Account number ==
The account number of PVV is 8601.11.16916 (cut'n'paste-formatted: 86011116916 ). Inquiries about financial matters shout be directed to the board on the email address '''pvv AT pvv DOT ntnu DOT no''' or to the treasurer on the address '''kasserer AT pvv DOT ntnu DOT no'''.
When paying it is important to write ones username at the front of the comment field, because BBS (the payment system most Norwegian banks use) at times only give us about 15 characters.
= The Board =
The board is responsible for the daily management of PVV, and has authority as given in PVV's laws. The leader of PVV is elected in the fall and sits for a year. The rest of the board is elected for half a year at a time, even though in practice there are only minor adjustments done in the spring semester. The board currently consists of the following persons:
* Øyvind Bergland Leknes (oyvinlek): Leader
* Christopher Hohler (chrishoh): Treasurer
* Øystein Ingmar Skartsæterhagen (oysteini): Secretary
* Finn Inderhaug Holme (finninde): Board member
* Ilse Gerda Visser (ilsegv): Board member
* Liang Zhu (liangzh): Board member
See also [[Tidligere styrer|Former boards]]
= Laws and regulations =
* [[Lover|Laws]]
* [[Reglement|Regulations]]
* [[Webreglement|Web regulations]]
* [[Privatmaskin|Rules for private machines on PVV's premises and network]]
* [http://www.itea.ntnu.no/IT-reglement/ Rules for using NUST's digital infrastructure]

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Fint om noen med moderatorrettigheter kan bytte ut:

NTNUs news-server (news.ntnu.no).


NVGs news-server (news.nvg.ntnu.no).

(husk den engelske siden også).