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Suggestion for english translation, not proofread:

Disk Purchase

Disk space members of PVV have at disposal is limited. To increase the allotted quota, money is paid to PVVs account. See the contact information for the account number. Remember to mark the payment with "disk" and your username! Don't write a longer disseration first, because BBS (the payment system of Norwegian banks) has a bad habbit of only giving us the first 15 letter.

Price: NOK 32 per GiB. The minimum order is 4GiB

Price examples:

  • 4 GiB * 32 NOK/GiB = NOK 128
  • 10 GiB * 32 NOK/GiB = NOK 320
  • 20 GiB * 32 NOK/GiB = NOK 640

The treasurer or someone in maintenance will increase quotas as payments are received. Ordinairly it takes at least a week from you pay till we are notified of it. If it takes very long time before the quota is increased, then send an email to the treasurer (DONOTINCLUDEMEkasserer AT pvv DOT ntnu DOT no).