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    1. Hentet 29.10.2021 Mer info om denne finnes i en rød perm merket "Flipper adm." i PVVs bokhyller. Let deg vill. Flipper er også nevnt på sammen med vårt oljede lyn, Dvask. Per nå finnes det et bilde av Flipper på

  • Host Name: flipper (
  • Manufacturer: ND (Norsk Data A/S)
  • System Model: ND Uniline 88/17
  • Main Memory: 32 MB
  • CPU Type: M88100
  • OS Name: DolphinOS
  • OS Version: 3.8
  • Console: TDV 2220 with a TDV 2230 PROM (text only)
  • Window System: X11R6
  • Owner Status: Bought by NTH but is used by PVV


   Flipper is PVV's second machine after aragorn (down). Its operating system can handle almost any number of partitions pr. disk, so you could say flipper is the reason why members started buying their own private home partitions (flipper is exporting almost 50 partitions). It's operating system is slightly modified (binary pacthed here and there :-) by Tor Egge.
   Flipper is now down because of a hardware failure. If you have spare parts or any (working or not) machine of this type to donate, please tell us.

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